The Bliss Retreat Experience, yoga surfing relaxation and massage in Bali

Our blissful Bali retreat experience is a retreat for women, spa vacation and healing solo holiday for the body, mind and soul.

The Bliss Experience is about personalising your retreat holiday by catering to and prioritising your individual needs to feel pure bliss. Our Bali relaxation retreat offers all the things you love to do to feel reinvigorated about life and yourself. With no restrictions, our Bliss sanctuary experience is a holistic wellness retreat, women’s yoga retreat, health retreat, and fitness retreat to help you feel rested, reconnected, and alive.

We’ve created The Bliss Experience for a small community of women, like yourself, who are travelling on their own or with a few friends. Consider this a solo holiday getaway, no couples or kids, for you to meet kindred spirits, to relax and rejuvenate, have fun, and enjoy your time away, Bali women’s retreat style.

The Bliss Retreat Experience, yoga surfing relaxation and massage in Bali

Our blissful Bali retreat experience is a retreat for women, spa vacation and healing holiday for the body, mind and soul in Bali.

The Experience is about personalising your holiday by catering to your individual needs. With no restrictions on the things you love to do, our aim is to help you feel reinvigorated about life and yourself by offering an experience to help you feel rested, reconnected, and alive.

The experience we’ve created takes place with a small community of women like yourself who will be travelling on their own or with a couple of friends. There will be no kids, no couples, just like minded individuals needing some fun, relaxing, rejuvenating, exciting and safe, time out, Bali women’s retreat style.

The Bliss Experience is designed to ensure your solo retreat in Bali is a memorable one. Our beautiful Bliss Sanctuary for Women recognises the need to get away, unwind, and take a break from the pressures of our everyday lives.

Upon your arrival you will be welcomed by your Bliss Hostess and shown to your own sleep sanctuary in our beautiful hand-picked Bali Villas. During this time we’ll answer any of your questions and discover what you want and need from our holistic women’s health retreat. We’ll help plan your week and offer advice on activities that will make you feel revitalised and reinvigorated.

heart on the bed in petals at our Bali Healing Retreat Sanctuary for Women
Create your own Bliss Bali Retreat ExperienceWomen next to the pool at our Bali Retreat Sanctuary

We’re not just another Bali retreat with daily group activities. We’re a beautiful, blissful SANCTUARY where you can create your own unique experience according to your personal requirements and desires.

Our retreat experiences are completely unique to you. Your Bliss experience may be total relaxation and rejuvenation. You may find yourself lying by the pool, indulging in unlimited massages, or catching up on a good book. Alternatively, you may be an adventurer who finds Bliss in adrenaline inducing activities, like climbing Mt Batur for a sunset experience.

Whatever you desire, we’ll consult and create a personalised itinerary just for you. You can choose from the activities available in any of our amazing retreat packages – you are not restricted within the packages. You are able to swap and choose activities from anywhere, at anytime and we’ll help coordinate it all for you. This is why we are one of the premier vacations for women, recognised by multiple awards and more 5 star TripAdvisor reviews than any other Bali Retreat.

mandala image frameUnlimited massages by the pool at our Bali Retreat

Unlimited Massage & Spa Treatments

Choose from a Balinese massage, Thai massage, hot stone massage, cream bath, body scrub, reflexology, facials, aromatherapy, or herbal ball massage with one of our trained therapists’ magic hands.

Unlimited treatments are not offered by many women’s spa retreats due to flexibility of schedules. If you want more than a vacation for women, we can help transform your experience into a luxurious, personalised, soul-enriching solo holiday.

mandala image frameUnlimited yoga at our Bali Yoga Retreat for Women

Unlimited Yoga

Unlimited yoga and meditation classes are included in house for beginners. For additional classes and various styles of practice, we work in partnership with a handpicked and renowned specialist Bali yoga centre that is nearby to our retreats. Beginners’ yoga, Anusara, Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa Bhakti Flow, Ashtanga, Pranayama… our yoga classes are taught with precision, care and love.

This is why we are one of the best yoga retreats Bali has to offer. Our onsite classes are exclusive and private with less than 6 people per class to cater to all levels of practice. We offer unlimited yoga retreat classes anywhere you would like to go.

Are there any other holidays for women who offer this sort of flexibility and choice? Our classes are a special experience giving you an authentically personalised health retreat for the body mind and soul.

mandala image frameUnlimited gorgeous food at our Bali Retreat

Unlimited Gorgeous Food

We understand food is part of your cultural, self-nurturing and joyful experience. At Bliss, food flows as you like it! Fresh, gourmet, tantalising, local, healthy cuisine is served all day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We cater to all dietary requirements; Halal, Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, or any specific allergies. We cook with love and can create any type of food for you.

This takes us beyond any weight loss retreat where you are restricted and limited. We want to give you a true health retreat Bali experience where you are nurtured through your body, mind and soul. Food is a big part of culture and one of the main reasons we were the global #1 Luxury Cultural Retreat winners.

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Unlimited Sightseeing

Experience Balinese culture and make it one of the best cultural vacations for women but just for you! Visit Tanah Lot Temple and go on Ubud day tours (including silver factory, art galleries, monkey forest). Take a look around the best shopping areas and incredible sunset cocktail bars. Visit Uluwatu beaches, Bali’s healing mineral springs and picturesque waterfalls, Tirta Empul traditional water healing, and more.

Travelling by yourself can be lonesome, but Bali solo travel gives you an amazing cultural experience, and thanks to our personal drivers you’ll never feel alone. We’re not simply a singles vacation, we cater to all women, many are married or mothers needing some ‘me time’. Unlimited sightseeing is included in all of our Bliss Sanctuary packages. This takes us beyond other Bali wellness retreats, making us a true Balinese cultural retreat. Remember sightseeing and additional activities are optional.

mandala image framePersonal Drivers so you always feel safe at our Bali Retreat for Women

Personal Drivers

Our amazing Bliss personal drivers will take you wherever and whenever you’d like to go in comfortable air conditioned vehicles, with a big heart and smile. This is a unique offering for any holiday for women – we offer a specialised vacation for women where you feel looked after at all times. Safety is a huge aspect for any Bali solo travel or any global singles vacation. We are dedicated to taking your experience beyond the best yoga retreats in Bali offering you so much more for a wonderful heartfelt experience.

mandala image frameRelax and unwind, lady in hammock sipping coconut at our Bali Retreat Centre

Personal Itinerary Consultation

We provide a dedicated hostess who will prepare an exclusive daily itinerary so you have more time to follow your bliss your way. We are here to listen, connect and support you the whole way.

Our hostesses will listen and schedule everything for you. They’ll make changes where needed and ensure our women’s spa retreats experience is truly customised, providing you with more than enough time to do almost everything you want to do. This is how we can combine a yoga retreat, fitness retreat, relaxation retreat, spa retreat, holistic retreat and wellness retreat all into one amazing womens holiday experience tailored just for you.

mandala image frameRetreat for Women accommodation Double Room in Seminyak

Beautiful Sanctuary Accommodation

You’ll have your own private room in one of our blissful wellness retreat sanctuaries. Your room will include your own private indoor/outdoor bathroom, which features a bath tub for relaxing soaks and the added inclusion of our new exclusive Luxury Wellness Baths menu. We are the ultimate Bali wellness retreat experience, starting with your gorgeous accommodation. Our sanctuaries help you feel like you’re in a luxurious home away from home.

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Here’s what some of our amazing guests had to say about their personalised bliss experience and why they want to come back

Blisstimonial Video: Bliss has been more than I could have possibly imagined

Blisstimonial Video: Opening myself up to connecting to who I really am

Blisstimonial Video: I have received what I have been giving for 27 years

❝A week of pure bliss!
I spent a week at Bliss Sanctuary in Canggu, and I can
honestly say it was one of the best trips I've been on.
Being my first time travelling solo, I was delighted when the gorgeous Yuda
was there waiting for me at the airport with a huge smile on his face,
dressed professionally in Bliss attire. Instantly I felt safe and relaxed.❞
JessicaS trip advisor tripadvisor owl | Bliss Sanctuary for Women | Women's Retreat Bali
❝The perfect balance of sight seeing and relaxation
I spent a week at the beautiful Bliss Sanctuary in Canggu and absolutely loved it!
Having never travelled overseas solo before, I was looking for a place where
I would feel safe and have the perfect balance of sight seeing and relaxation.
The sanctuary itself is stunning, with beautiful tropical gardens, pools and
well-appointed rooms. The frangipanis that decorate your room
upon your arrival are a lovely finishing touch! I felt welcome
and nurtured from the moment I arrived, and all the staff are so caring
and make you feel really special- they truly are beautiful people.❞
AngieH900027 trip advisor tripadvisor owl | Bliss Sanctuary for Women | Women's Retreat Bali
❝Bliss - it's in the name!!
I had the most amazing time at Bliss with my best friend!
We wanted an all women's place to relax and recharge, and this could not
have been more perfect. Our wonderful hostess planned our days
out to exactly what we wanted to do (from Yoga, to massages,
to rides around the island) - It was absolutely perfect!!❞
Hedihubert88 trip advisor tripadvisor owl | Bliss Sanctuary for Women | Women's Retreat Bali
❝I found my Bliss
I have just had the most amazing week long stay at Bliss Canggu.
I can't recommend it highly enough. Everything they say on
the website is true. Unlimited spa treatments, fabulous food,
fantastic activities and gorgeous staff who really care.
But what the website can't really convey is how easily and willingly
the staff work to help you find your bliss. It is honestly amazing.❞
Nanatann trip advisor tripadvisor owl | Bliss Sanctuary for Women | Women's Retreat Bali
❝I booked Bliss back in January this year when I was going through a fairly
difficult and stressful time at work - and I'm so glad I did -
it was the respite and healing holiday that I needed.
I got back about a month ago and I'm already
daydreaming about when I can go back!.❞
Lydia R trip advisor tripadvisor owl | Bliss Sanctuary for Women | Women's Retreat Bali
❝Having travelled to different parts of Bali over the past 20 years experiencing retreats,
what l found at Bliss was its uniqueness in supplying everything!
Everything is all taken care of, this is what made it so unique
and provided me with clarity and time to focus on me.❞
Despina C trip advisor tripadvisor owl | Bliss Sanctuary for Women | Women's Retreat Bali
❝This is THE place to go
This was the first time I have travelled alone so I was a bit edgy...
but I was needing some time out from everything...
I could not have picked a better place to unwind and just BE.
From the moment I was picked up from the airport...
I was looked after... cared for and treated with love.❞
DonaWorrel8 trip advisor tripadvisor owl | Bliss Sanctuary for Women | Women's Retreat Bali