Recipe: Shredded Chicken with Chilli and Lime



2 pieces of chicken breast
3 small cloves of garlic
6 small shallots
¼ of a big red chilli
1cm knob of ginger
1 blanched tomato
juice of 1 small lime
A few tbl spoons of coconut oil to fry
Salt and pepper and a little bit of sugar to taste


In a blender or pestle & mortar blend all ingredients except for the lime & chicken.
Add oil and 1 spoon of the blended mix to the pan and fry the chicken breasts until done. Then cool off and pull the chicken meat in small pieces.
Then put the rest of the blended ingredients in the pan with some oil together with the lime juice and whole lime and salt & pepper & sugar to taste and add the chicken and stir until warm.


Serves 4

Kirstie Wyatt

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