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Malin Andersson at Bliss Bali retreat OK Magazine

Malin Andersson OK Magazine Health and Fitness

Malin Andersson OK Magazine Health & Fitness

OK! Health & Fitness:
The former Love Island star tells OK! About her journey to better mental health and body confidence.

Do you think that exercising regularly keeps you feeling uplifted?
Yes, I exercise to keep my mind alive. I do yoga or Thai boxing as I actually love doing them. What’s your weekly fitness routine like? I do yoga twice a week, boxing sessions and I like to run outdoors in the fresh air.

Being in the public eye, do you feel pressure to look a certain way? I used to but I don’t any more. I want to use my platform to empower women instead of giving them an unrealistic target to look at. I think more influencers need to be more real with themselves and stop editing photos.

On a daily basis, what helps you the most with your mental wellbeing?
I love self-help books and giving myself that time to relax. I have a morning routine that includes aroma therapy, oils, candles, incense and writing in my journal and meditating for 15 minutes. Mental health is so important. People need to understand that suffering in silence is not ideal and they need to speak up.

What’s the secret to true body Confidence?
Inner happiness and peace within yourself. Once you’re happy on the inside, the outside will follow. Body confidence is a journey of self-love and it can take time. Mine didn’t happen overnight.

Have you changed your diet since Love Island?
Yes! I eat way more. I used to be obsessed with what l put in my mouth. Now I’m the opposite and I can’t stop eating!

What’s your favourite dinner?
I love grilled salmon and asparagus.

What is it about the Bliss Sanctuary For Women that you find so special?
Bliss represents powerful, strong women – something I associate myself with. I love going there to get away from reality. It’s a great place to find the real me.

November 2019

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