We feel so blessed and thankful for all the amazing coverage we receive.

In all forms of media, awards and general acknowledgements. Starting from humble beginnings it still amazes me, yet at the same time I am so happy as all forms of media further encourage women to take time out for themselves and a lot of the other articles written about us are about wellness in general or stories about the people who have come to Bliss. As such we have shown all of our articles and coverage below in their entirety as our claim to have more media coverage than any other Bali Retreat or Villas or Hotel for that matter, is authentic and backed up by this page. You can click on any icon to read the article in full.



We were so surprised when so many celebrities started contacting us to come to Bliss Sanctuary in Ubud and even before we opened they had booked their stays! From there the demand has become bigger and bigger thanks to Instagram and media coverage and word of mouth between celebrity friends and agents.

We are so blessed to have all of these amazing women as #blissambassadors and you can read about some of their personal stories in the articles below. Yes some of the coverage is blatant headlining as per usual media (we don’t get a say in content even when we’re mentioned) but some of the articles are really heartfelt and speak about our celebrities as ‘people’ which is how we view all our guests at Bliss and everybody is treated equally.

Our beautiful Balinese staff have no idea who our celebrities are and we love them for it and it’s why our celebrities talk with heart and soul on their own Instagram pages about their trip to Bliss. We believe all women in need of time out for themselves deserve it and we accept all women of all backgrounds, body shapes and sizes. Remember we are exclusively small with only 5-7 women at any one time which is what all our guests love as each and every woman is treated the same and has the same privacy and staff attention.

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Once again we are so humbled that we have received so many awards including multiple #1 global awards . The fact that we have been awarded best in the world in multiple categories is so humbling. We have put these here for our staff as all these awards are for them as they are the heart and soul of Bliss and we want them to feel so acknowledged.