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Malin Andersson at Bliss Bali retreat

At Bliss, we love to provide a calm, quiet but luxurious experience that allows women to truly escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We are so blessed and thankful that our promise of tranquillity and healing has attracted the attention of so many celebrities who despite being from different walks of their a-list lives, all come together seeking the same goal – Bliss. Across our three sanctuaries in Ubud, Seminyak and Canggu we have been lucky enough to welcome some incredible celebrities who were looking to take a week out to experience Bliss Sanctuary for Women…

Malin Andersson:

After suffering a lot of heartbreak in the past year, Malin has visited Bliss twice from her home in the UK to heal from the trauma of losing her baby Consy, losing her mum and experiencing domestic abuse from her ex-partner. She has taken part in tarot card reading, yoga, meditation, sightseeing and loved the spa treatments and massages each day of her stay.

Malin has said how much Bliss has helped her mental health and given her time to heal after such a tragic and painful year: “So I have left @blisssanctuaryforwomen feeling like a transformed woman. We all have things that we need to work on as individuals and coming to Bliss I have really worked on myself mentally and physically. From the heart I can say I am so so grateful for this experience. Every single detail was thought of, the girls were amazing from the fresh cooking, the massages, the rooms immaculate every day, the scenic views and just the general family feel of this place I could not recommend it enough. It’s been life changing and I will certainly be back ️ Forever a #blissambassador . 🌴🌸”

We absolutely love everything that Malin stands for and we think she is an inspirational role model for young women around the world. We feel so honoured that we have been a part of Malin’s healing journey and have welcomed her to our Bliss family!

Malin Andersson at Bliss Bali retreat

Vicky Pattison and her mum Carol:

Vicky got in touch with us to take a much-needed relaxing break with her mother Carol at our Ubud Sanctuary to recover from a super busy year appearing on UK TV screens in Celebrity MasterChef, Coachtrip, and her own TV show Vicky Pattison: Unfiltered. It was so beautiful to see Vicky and her mum experience this special trip that they said they would cherish forever! They visited the Tirta Empul sacred temple, took the leap on the Ubud swing, visited the rice paddies, saw the orangutans and indulged in our unlimited spa treatments and massages. We love to see mother and daughter trips here at Bliss!

In a heartfelt post about her mum during her Bliss trip Vicky said: “THANKYOU for being my mam. I know over the years I’ve been painful at times and a downright nightmare, but this year has been a HUGE wake up call for me, you have been by my side constantly when I needed you and that’s meant so much. 😂😍 Guys, show your mammas you love them man- tell them how much they mean to you, text them regularly, call unexpectedly, surprise them with a trip, cook them dinner, send them flowers, treat them like the goddesses that they are because you only get one... and they are precious ️ THANKYOU to @blisssanctuaryforwomen for making the trip of a lifetime so unbelievably perfect for us- I’m floored.”

Vicky Pattison and her mum Carol at Bliss Bali Sanctuary

Love Island Stars

We have loved seeing so many stars from the UK Love Island show come through our doors this year! With so many of these ladies rising to fame so quickly they soon found themselves in desperate need of a week at of Bliss away from the media spotlight, to take a well-deserved breather and adjust to their new A-list lives and we have loved getting to know them!

Among the visitors this year are 2018 contestants Zara McDermott, Samira Mighty and Ellie Brown as well as contestants Jourdan Riane and Elma Pazar from this year’s season.

Jourdan shared an amazing vlog of her trip:

Zoe talks all things bliss on Channel 10

Love Island Stars at Bliss Bali retreat

Lydia, Debbie and Georgia Bright

If you ask us the important thing about being a reality TV star, it is to ensure every now and then you take a well-deserved break from that reality and unwind whether it’s at Bliss or just taking time out for yourself at home.

UK TOWIE’S Lydia Bright contacted us earlier in the year to see if she could come to Bliss with her sister Georgia and mum Debbie and of course we couldn’t wait to welcome the ladies to our newest Ubud retreat! It was so special to watch the ladies create memories and experience a girl’s trip, whilst celebrating Debbie’s birthday and preparing her for her wedding day. Soon after Lydia’s trip to Bliss she announced she was pregnant, and we are so pleased for her!

Lydia, Debbie and Georgia Bright at Bliss Bali retreat

Tracey Jewel – Married at First Sight

It’s fair to say Tracey has needed a break after having her fair share of both positive and negative publicity this year on Australia’s Married at First Sight. Tracey has been refreshingly open about her battle with anxiety quoting: 'I never experienced anxiety before the show and now it's something I wrestle with constantly. Some days I don't notice it at all. Some days I struggle to leave the house or even bed,' she added.

We were so pleased to see Tracey had found her inner peace at Bliss after taking part in a variety of healing activities such as energy healing, tarot card reading and yoga.

Tracey Jewel, Married at First Sight at Bliss Bali Sanctuary

Nadia Stamp

Former Australian Married at First Sight star, Nadia Stamp loved experiencing the beautiful Bali scenery here at Bliss and took a much-needed break from the unforgiving eye of the media to experience our Seminyak Sanctuary.

We were so pleased that Nadia was able to clear her mind and take some time out before coming back to celebrate her one-year anniversary with cricketer boyfriend, Glen Taric.

Nadia Stamp at Bliss Bali retreat

Tegan Martin, Keira Maguire and Leah Jay

The Aussie celebs took a girl’s trip to Bliss earlier in the year to rewind, refocus and spend some quality time together. Being models and bachelor stars, their lives have their fair share of perks but they also come with a lot of hard work. The girls had so much fun relaxing by the pool, taking part in daily yoga and sipping on our Bliss coconuts. We loved their gorgeous pictures and seeing them make friends with the other ladies in the villa.

Tegan Martin about to enjoy delicious healthy breakfast at Bliss Bali retreat

Tegan Martin,Keira Maguire and Leah Jay at Bliss Bali Sanctuary For Women

Mel Grieg

We also welcomed the lovely Mel Grieg to Bliss back in 2015 where she took some time out to relax after revealing she had been suffering from Endometriosis since she was 17 years old and had received news it was 'everywhere'. This meant Mel had stage 4 of the disease and will not be able to fall pregnant naturally.

We were so thankful that Mel came to stay with us and spent the week taking part in yoga, spa treatments and massages which we were pleased to see helped her deal with her suffering.

Daily Mail: Mel Greig – Getting Some Mel Time at Bliss Retreat for Women Bali

Arabella Weir

Actress and journalist Arabella Weir visited us back in 2017 at our Seminyak Sanctuary for a much-needed break from her husband, kids and chores quoting in the Daily Mail “I've been to heaven!”.

Arabella said: “Treating oneself doesn’t come that easily to most working mums. What woman doesn’t dream about lying around all day being pampered, free from her children, husband and household chores?” We loved meeting her and seeing her relax fully during her blissful trip!

Arabella Weir at Bliss Bali Sanctuary

Josie Gibson

After a lot of pressure about her losing weight and struggling to find Mr Right after recently breaking up with her partner, Josie visited our Seminyak Sanctuary back in 2017 and loved getting involved in surfing, CrossFit and general Bliss life!

Josie has been in touch recently and would like to come back to experience our new Ubud sanctuary in January, we can’t wait to catch up with her and see how her life is as a new mum to the gorgeous Reggie.

Closer: Josie Gibson: I get "fat fear" and weight myself every day

Head over to our celeb page to see all of the amazing articles national press have written about the celebrity stays - www.blisssanctuaryforwomen.com/media/#celebs.

We are so grateful that so many celebrities choose to stay with us at Bliss but rest assured, Bliss is a haven for all ladies everywhere, not just celebrities! We welcome women from all over the world, of all ages, shapes and sizes who are seeking a unique experience and we make sure all our guests are treated with the same love and respect they deserve.

Bliss News

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