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Bliss Hostess

Position filled

At Bliss Sanctuary For Women we are always in search of amazing women to join our hostessing team. If you are interested please take the time to navigate the website and research the business.

The job itself may seem like the perfect opportunity to change your life and follow your bliss, but there are many considerations future hostesses need to be aware of as it’s not easy to pick your life up and move to another country and leave friends and families behind.

First and foremost we are looking for the right attitude in our hostesses… openness, honesty, ability to listen, strong yet flexible, happy and able to see the joy in life from within.

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Sales Manager

Position filled

We are looking for an amazing customer service enthusiast to join our team in Bali as Sales Manager / Bookings for Bliss International and Bliss Sanctuary For Women.

If you love building relationships over email, have great attention to detail and have a passion for making things as easy as possible for others then this could be the right opportunity for you.

This role is 6 days a week with a lot of responsibility and further growth opportunities with scope to move up quickly if you are meeting KPI’s and budgets to help grow the business.

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Content Manager

Position filled

If you are one of those Social media and tech savvy Gen Y’s who LOVES everything facebook, Instagram, blogging, new technologies, taking photos and videos and creating content… then we would love to hear from you.

We have one of the best lifestyle roles you could ever find, situated in Bali, communicating with women 18 – 54 visually and with inspirational messages of love, kindness, encouragement, fun, spiritual, blissfulness. You need to be able to do this visually and with carefully selected wording and attention to detail. No spelling mistakes.

You need to be an early adopter, someone who lives and breathes all things new technologies, who loves beauty and understands how to communicate to the world electronically.

Even though you may be young, you have an old soul and truly feel one of your life’s missions is to empower women.

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