Blog 7: Deep Rest


Bliss Sanctuary Bali - Blog 7 - Deep rest - Girl fast alseep
Bliss Sanctuary Bali - Blog 7 - Deep rest - Girl fast alseep

When was the last time you had a really ‘DEEP REST”?

I must say at this ridiculously busy time of year with the xmas rushing around, tripling the work load for some expected time off which is full of Xmas parties, present buying, catching up with family which can be just plain stressful, holidays, retail frenzy in the sales, beach time … I am absolutely exhausted just thinking about it!

And I’m not even in Australia yet! That will all start for me in 2 days when I’m back there with absolutely no Xmas shopping done, while for now I’m packing up all my stuff for our new hostess to move in, organizing a photo shoot for PR with my beautiful friends Laura and Monica, cleaning the villa, typing up all my notes, having meetings with staff, and getting my hair done whilst writing this blog! ☺

So what is deep rest?

To me it’s something I see my guests relish in as they honour themselves by taking a week out with no decision making, space for thinking, nurturing activities, soaking up the sun, yummy food, and lovely company, earlyish nights, and moving through all those emotional issues that had been put on hold, or just clearing their minds of all the stress.

It is so amazing what creating space in our lives can achieve!

And when do we EVER create that space?

In quite a conundrum , I have created a business around this which is unique and not about scheduled activities but each woman honouring what they need on a moment by moment basis. Every woman has a completely different and personal experience.

The main things I have learnt from the women around me is that deep rest comes from simplifying our life (even if just for a week), not having to make decisions or stick to a schedule, and allowing themselves to sleep if they need to sleep, stay still and NOT do anything if they really don’t want to and start to quiet the mind through reflection. Yoga can help but many choose not to do it. Meditation can help but many women struggle with it. Massage definitely helps A LOT. And the women who do the least are the women who transform the MOST!

The concepts of what we THINK we need to rejuvenate ourselves, is so different to the actualities. And having the freedom and space to do nothing is something so ridiculously amazing … and yet I don’t think I have ever done it!!!

Isn’t that ridiculous!

I need a holiday at Bliss lol.

In all honesty, I could sleep for a week, and I just may do that!
Or is that wishful thinking going back to Oz and the Christmas craziness, not to mention the pressure of coming back after almost a year and catching up with everyone. (which I cant wait to do!)

I am even contemplating getting a place there that I can setup and go back to when I need… a place to call home as not having my own base is starting to take its toll.

But what a waste of money for somewhere I’ll only be for 3 months of the year?

Or is it?

I need space in my life to rejuvenate myself so I have the strength to give.
I need to rest when I am tired.
I need to have time and space to think and create.
I need to be happy.
I need to be strong.
I need to be healthy.

So why is it even a question to create a time for deep rest in our lives?
Have we lost the basic truths of our needs so much that we negate ourselves and deepest needs at every turn?
How does it honour ourselves to ignore ourselves?

That is the deepest lack of self esteem we could have.
Yet we spend so much energy convincing the world that we have it all together.

There is a time for busy-ness, there are times in our lives we can’t sit still, there are times in our lives where others needs must come first and times when we feel helpless, sad, angry, and a victim to our circumstances.

And that is ok. It is part of the cycle.
But deep rest also needs to be in there as part of the cycle … otherwise like the weather patterns it basically takes a natural disaster to clear everything away for growth.

It’s just a matter of making the decision to take deep rest when we can.

So I’m going to take my own advice and create some space!
And see what magic comes from it.


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