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Bliss Sanctuary Bali - Blog Blog 50: Too many choices… Girl stressed with head in hands

I think one of the big stressors in modern life is the huge amount of choices we need to make every day about every little thing in our life.

Bizarre really as freedom is defined by having choice … yet somehow with so many, it creates a lack of freedom.

A car ad running on TV in Australia right now states that we make 35,000 choices per day!!!! Not sure exactly sure where that figure came from but I would believe it. It’s A LOT! From when to get up, what to wear, answering questions, emails, social media, what to do, who to speak to, helping kids, helping others, helping ourselves, what to eat… multiple choices for each thing in our life, let alone any of the big life choices … it’s endless.

Traveling is full of choices and can be super stressful. Traveling with a family means times this by a hundred lol. Keeping the family safe, catering to their every whim, ensuring they can eat the food, looking over them in the pool, where to stay, how to travel from place to place, managing the budget, where to sit on the plane, will this be a great experience for all of us … phew. It’s really hard work.

Tours can be great fun for adults and there is so much freedom in somebody else doing all the organisation, the choice factor is much less yet there are still many. They are usually pretty rigorous experiences jumping from all different modes of transport to see as many sights as possible over a pretty long distance in a short time. Fun, tiring, enlightening.

The way I designed Bliss Sanctuary For Women is as an experience to eliminate excessive choices. You are supported all the way from the time you arrive at the airport and are picked up by our lovely drivers, to making your way to your gorgeous room in our beautiful sanctuaries. Then our hostess sits with you and finds out what you really are wanting out of this holiday. For some ladies this is about all the things they want to do, for others it is about finding their peace and relaxation, for others it is healing… and more.

Whatever it is you are truly wanting we help design for your ultimate stay, through the power of suggestion. Whilst some women want to go through all of our information in our in room book and make choices and plan their own time, others will simply go with the flow and decide on a whim everyday what they would like to do (if anything). For those who are there for relaxation and allow themselves to really relax and let go and be in the blissful moment (really when do we ever get to do this in life?), sometimes even choosing what they want for lunch is too hard, so we do it for them. Just imagine reaching that level of relaxation!

Our kitchen staff and hostesses are there to help make suggestions and listen to what you really want and our hostesses are there to help with all aspects of your stay. Our drivers love being tour guides around Bali and will suggest great places to go and our masseuses are intuitive and amazing but if you just don’t know what treatment to have then we can help you decide.

We have onsite yoga with small classes often only with 1 or 2 people so it’s perfect for beginners or advanced where our amazing instructor Yuni can make those subtle suggestions on stance and form to allow your body the best stretch. It is supportive and nurturing like everything at Bliss.

We often have guests saying they feel so great or it is the best experience they’ve ever had in their life which is so humbling and makes my heart sing. And I am convinced that for these people, it is because they have really let go, stopped needing to make choices and have let the experience come to them. To go with the flow is so empowering.

I must admit I am one of those A type personalities who struggles to let go and just Be. Which is probably why I designed Bliss the way I have because it is what I need more of in my own life lol. I can tell when I am making too many choices as it means I am in headspace not heartspace and things start to go haywire or my health declines. When I truly decide from the heart, things get easier and Bliss is a place that allows us to do this.

If we have the courage to tell the head to quiet for a minute and let the heart decide, that’s when we find true Bliss. It’s when we connect to others and ourselves more authentically and it’s where we stop judging what is and just enjoy it. It is the true definition of freedom.

So when you’re invited to something and your head says you ‘should’ go but you really feel rundown and want to stay at home … do you follow your head or your heart?

When you have a hunch about something at work but are fearful of speaking up in case of not being heard or shut down, do you choose your head or your heart?

When you have a Saturday free with a huge list of things to do but your body is aching and you really need a massage and a bath, do you choose your head or your heart?

When your partner is a bit aloof and you know you haven’t really connected lately do you go and finish those tasks on that never ending list or do you suggest some time out together, again do you choose your head or your heart.

Yes it is still a choice, but empowered choices don’t ignore the heart. And when we follow it there are less constant choices we keep needing to make. For choices can remain that chattering in our head, or we can surrender many of them to our heart where they become a ‘knowing’ not a choice. It is in the knowing and the feeling where we receive the most clarity and freedom.

For most choosing a week at Bliss is a heart choice and such an empowering one to do something amazing for yourself. From that one empowered choice, you alleviate almost all your choices for a week allowing space in your heart mind and soul. This space is magical.

You can also find it in your daily life if you choose your heart a little bit more. Not all the time, as we need our head choices, but to really be fulfilled and more at peace sometimes it’s the best thing to choose some space from the rigorous amounts of ‘shoulds’ in our life.

Much Love, Zoë x

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