Blog 48: Everything is in Harmony… trust it!


Bliss Sanctuary Bali - Blog 48 - Everything is Harmony - Harmony Day - rocks balancing on the beach
Bliss Sanctuary Bali - Blog 48 - Everything is Harmony - Harmony Day - rocks balancing on the beach

What a powerful word ‘harmony’ is. When everything flows together, magically, creating a harmonious existence.

Like music, this harmony can be soft and calm, or it can be furious and courageous, it can be happy or sad or full of fear. Yet it is all in harmony when it comes together to create something that resonates and moves us emotionally.

Like nature, it can flow like water, rage like a wintry sea, be cold and harsh like a mountainous snow environment, or bleak and hot like a desert, or as we prefer it at Bliss… gorgeous and lush like a tropical oasis.

Like Life.

Harmony doesn’t always mean things go exactly as we think. But it does mean we believe in a higher purpose and that things are intrinsically working together happily and peacefully.

Putting my focus on what harmony is for me, I now realise this is something I seek in every aspect of my life. But when things don’t come together as I think they should and I cloak what is actually happening with my often unrealistic expectations, I feel less than harmonious. So the harmony is still there, but it is my lack of trust that causes disharmony.

I have seen this throughout my life. In relationships, with family, with friends, with work but mostly I’ve realised that even though I am extremely intuitive and blessed I often don’t trust the universe that she is on my side.

Yet time and time again she has shown that she is! And it is my interfering mind that has made things so much harder than they needed to be.

One recent example of this which was such a major thing in my life was some pretty big upheavals with work… There was the volcano scare which the world reacted to by not choosing Bali as a holiday destination for about 4 months, impacting us and every business in Bali, greatly. There was a big sell off of land around our original Canggu Sanctuary making our gorgeous Bali Retreat and Wellness holiday a potentially not so blissful environment when they started preparing to build a big supermarket! So in a few weeks I found another (even more gorgeous) Villa that we converted into our gorgeous holistic retreat. This was actually a miracle, finding just what we needed and everything coming together so quickly, yet I was focussed on my resistance to change and the amount of work we had to do.

We did a huge renovation in a month! Lol. This seems to be my ‘thing’, but my god does it put the pressure on. With the help of the landowner we built a treetops yoga shala and spa area on the roof. We completely did an interior design overhaul which looks ahhhhhmazzzing! We put our signature stone baths in every room and did bathroom makeovers. And we did a huge overhaul of the gardens! All in one month!

Without harmony, this simply wouldn’t have come together. Yet at the time it felt tortuous!

Patma my right hand in Bali was pregnant and her baby came early, just before the move. Weeks earlier I had to leave Bali due to changes in Visa requirements and couldn’t be there. It also meant we had to let go of our Western hostesses and rely on our Indonesian hostesses solely and OMG they were wonderful!

The whole business went through a massive restructure overnight, yet somehow we managed to create such a harmonious environment for our guests the whole way through. Our hostesses stepped up in ways I could never imagine and we have finally fulfilled my dream of empowering Indonesian women and having all Indonesian hostesses! And they are wonderful. They know more about Bali than anybody. They are caring, loving, kind, giving, knowledgeable and excellent at what they do. And they are more committed than any hostesses we have ever had with so much selfless love for all of our guests and staff.

Life turned upside down almost overnight and it was hard. Yet still everything was working together in perfect harmony to get us the desired outcome. An even more gorgeous, peaceful sanctuary and peaceful Yoga retreat environment than we could have hoped for.

I had without realising at the time, put it out there that I wanted to move from Bali and have everything run by my Indonesian management and staff, yet true to my nature I struggled to let go. Well Bali let go for me and this all came to fruition. If I had been more true to myself sooner, this would have felt like a more harmonious and easy transition. Yet it was the harmony of change and destiny that helped everything flow together in the end.

So it wasn’t the easy chillout type of harmonious music I prefer in life. More like a dramatic Bach concerto with multiple highs and lows … but it still all flowed together in the end to create a masterpiece.

It was only when I really surrendered and realised there was only so much I could do and I had to trust everybody else in the process and the universe that I FELT harmonious. And you know what, it came together better than I ever could have imagined.

Now I am still recovering lol. But that’s part of the harmony of life also. Ebbs and Flows. Yet I have learnt the all important lesson, that true harmony comes from acceptance and surrender. And believing that it truly does all work out in the end as our universe IS harmony.


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