Blog 40: Colourpuncture Healing at Bliss Sanctuary


Bliss Blog 040 Colourpuncture Healing at Bliss Sanctuary - picture of coloured crystals
Bliss Blog 040 Colourpuncture Healing at Bliss Sanctuary - picture of coloured crystals

My Colourpuncture Experience.

Since working at our gorgeous retreat for women, I have been so lucky to indulge in many of our treatments and healings and the Colourpuncture treatments have been my favourite. It is a relatively new treatment based on ancient principles that work on the basis of healing with colour, crystals and carefully directed light.

I had never previously heard of this, despite a strong interest in colour therapy and holistic healing methods, so I was immediately fascinated and intrigued by the concept. To add to that I was hearing so many great reviews from our guests around the dinner table about how it had been a very welcome addition to their overall relaxation and healing retreat experience and how many of them had experienced a deep meditative state and felt the healing, on a number of levels, so I decided to give it a go with our amazing Colourpuncturist Henry to find out more.

Firstly I decided to read up on the subject with a fantastic book called Colourpuncture: A New Medicine of the Light, where I learn’t the background and scientific implications of the system and came to the understanding that Colourpuncture healing is a form of energy medicine that addresses the root cause of illness and disease. In Colourpuncture healing, selected colours are beamed onto the meridians (energy channels) through crystals using the same Acupuncture points and Reflex Zones of the body. Light provide the cells with the information they need to heal, rather like eradicating viruses on a bio-computer. Peter Mandel, a renowned naturopath and acupuncturist, developed the system back in the 1970’s in Germany.  You can find out more about Colourpuncture healing here.

colourpuncture healing at bliss sanctuarySo now I was prepared for my first session with Henry. Firstly I can see why our Bliss Sanctuary Bali Retreat guest’s instantly warm to him, he is a very lighthearted caring and almost jolly man, his intentions feel really pure and genuine, and his assistant is lovely too.  After a chat, I was hooked up to an Esogetics machine by two cords that ran to my wrist, this was then set to a program and pulses are sent through the machine to bring my frequencies back to equilibrium. Then for the rest of the session Henry and his assistant worked simultaneously at different points on my body applying the crystals rods and various different colours. During this part of the treatment  I slipped into a beautiful and deep meditation. The whole experience was very calm, gentle yet incredibly insightful.

I can see why the guests here love the treatment, what a fantastic addition to a Bali yoga retreat, I can see how this treatment really compliments the healing and relaxation vacation that many Bliss guest’s experience. My energy felt instantly uplifted after the treatment and I can vouch that this was a very interesting and magical experience, I will be having some more sessions for sure!

Colourpuncture sessions come included in our wellness holiday Bali retreat package, our self empowerment retreat package or can be added to any of our other bali retreat packages.

The feedback from our guests about their sessions with our resident colourpucturist Henry Rodiguez has been phenomenal.  We have had such positive reviews, with many women saying they experience a very deep, meditative and healing experience. We are so lucky and thankful to have Henry working with us.

Blog written by Melinda. 

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