Blog 37: Heartfelt email from Bliss Retreat guest


Blog 37 - Heartfelt email from Bliss Retreat guest. Picture of hanging hearts
Blog 37 - Heartfelt email from Bliss Retreat guest. Picture of hanging hearts

A heartfelt personal email from a Bliss retreat guest after their stay…

I took some of the personal bits out but just wanted to share in thankfulness…

Dearest Zoë,

I am not entirely sure where to begin and trust me I am not usually one to be lost for words. My Bliss experience was something more than I could have ever imagined. From the moment I stepped into the garden Shar greeted me with open arms and hugged me like we were long lost friends. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me, I felt so much anxiety slip away.

My decision to come to Bliss was made at my all time low, the past two years had left me broken with both my mind and body reaching a point where something had to give.

Each and every member of staff I met was so welcoming but also such a beautiful soul. They made you feel part of the family and that you had been there forever. I had long chats with both Patma and Shar, both are beautiful women. I was also lucky to spend some time with Jen, who is lovely. Vera, Popy and Wayan you can tell how much they love their work and they are so caring towards you as a guest. The kitchen staff cook the most amazing food I have ever had!

It was so unexpected that I bonded so well with the other ladies I was staying with and I know that I have now made some life long friends. I had planned on spending my time alone and with my own thoughts. Instead I spent it with like minded women who came from all different walks of life but all shared a similar reason for our choice to travel to Bliss. A completely different type of therapy to what I thought I needed but as fate would have, exactly what I needed.

You have created a place that I hope you are proud of, with people that simply are amazing. I came away feeling like I am on the way to being myself again … I have terrible trouble with what I can & can’t eat, it can be quite debilitating at times. Whilst I am not feeling 100% my mind is clear and I have direction for the first time in a long time. And I think the most wonderful change is, I can sleep….I haven’t slept properly for what seems like forever. I attribute this all to you and the Bliss Sanctuary team.

Thank you for helping me to come and stay, I could’ve stayed much longer I loved it so much but I missed my little girl… I am so grateful for what you have done for me, I can’t explain how much. I truly believe in everything you have created at Bliss.

Also I think I picked up that you weren’t well right now and that it comes and goes. It must be a struggle to come and go from your fur babies like that….I have three of my own so my heart goes out to you. Sending you healing thoughts and that you feel back to your old self again soon.

Love Always,


Thankyou so much for sharing B, this is the whole reason why I started Bliss and it warms my heart to read your words. We have all sorts of different women from all walks of life who follow their bliss and choose us to share this time with. Some have come out of a difficult period in life, some are coming in transition to a new job or home, some are meeting friends who have ended up all over the world and others simply want a personal holiday filled with lots of joy and laughter. I am so proud that so many women come together in their quest to take some time out for themselves, and somehow find exactly what it is they need… often without realizing exactly what that is.

And thankyou for your kind thoughts about my personal situation. I spend my time alternating between Australia and Bali depending on my condition. I have a great life and I’m very thankful for my business and my staff and my fur babies but yes it does get hard dealing with an invisible illness like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. I am determined to live the best life I can and somehow overcome this hurdle in my life.

A guest once described me like Charlie from Charlies Angels … never there but never far away and always knowing exactly what is going on. I think that is the perfect summary! I spend my time choosing and training amazing people to expand the bliss experience for you which has turned a hardship into a blessing as it will allow us to grow far beyond anything I could ever just do myself with all sorts of amazing women.

We can’t wait to have you back again with us very soon.

Bliss Love, Zoë.

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