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Connecting with strangers
Blog 036 – Connecting with strangers – hands touching in the sand

One of the really amazing things we see happen at Bliss time and time again is connection…

The connection forged between people who have never met before, within a week of following their own bliss for themselves.

Many become life long friends, many share amazing experiences and then go back to their everyday lives and so many stay connected as facebook friends from all around the world. Different lives. Different interests. Different friends and families. But some shared experiences they will never forget, always etched into that section of positive memories in their lives.

I have to laugh sometimes at the unimaginable, such as one lady in her fifties bonding with some younger women in their early 20’s to the point that when she left she went and stayed in the villa they were going to after Bliss with a bunch of their girlfriends. One fifty year old and a bunch of twenty somethings… all as friends in equal standing, on holiday having fun and sharing memories.

Then there are the amazing synchronicities … like the two surgeons who stayed, one from Germany and one from Melbourne. They both practiced in a fairly unique specialised type of surgery and as they spoke further and started to connect they realized they were exactly the same types of surgeons. What are the odds!

We had two ladies who were coming to us after starting their own businesses. One was from London, the other from Australia. One had just started an online business selling fashion shoes to women who needed smaller sizes. The other had just opened a shoe boutique for women needing larger sizes! Both coming together from different sides of the world, brought together by bliss along with the synchronicity of the universe.

This sort of thing happens time and time again and now I just smile in the knowledge that we do always meet the right people at the right time. That there is something in the connection of humans that brings the people around us that we have somehow attracted.

The great thing about Bliss is that all of our guests are likeminded and there for the same reason which is taking time out for themselves, taking a deep breath in life and creating fun, enjoyable, peaceful, restful memories.

No matter what the age group – and ours are completely varied as you can see on our Bliss’n’tells… page – It is the commonality of being at a place in their life that they have taken the step to do something amazing for themselves that brings their spirits together over conversations, shared meals, a cocktail, and shared experiences.

Even though many of our guests do their own thing and are here for time out for themselves, it’s usually the communal dinner time conversations that bring everybody together. From raucous laughter to deep conversations and a lot of lighthearted fun. And also the sharing of different Bali experiences, healers, how much they love the massages, and lots of mutual enjoyment of the food.

Most of all I think the connection comes from the space. The space around each individual that would normally be filled with tasks and chores and to do lists. The simplicity of no schedules, no kids, no partners and the freedom to choose to do nothing or to do everything. The happiness of that freedom is so infectious and we see visible changes in the women coming to us on their first day vs their last. It is truly quite amazing.

Our hostesses write me feedback on each guest experience after they have left and the other day our Indonesian Hostess Patma wrote ‘(our guest) looked so much fresher, prettier and so happy after 3 days at Bliss.’ I’d never thought of anybody looking prettier after their bliss experience, but it is so true. When we do take the time to refill our cup, and fill ourselves with joy and rest, some sun and no stress … we are definitely visibly prettier. We see the transformation happen all of the time.

I think this is why the bliss experience is so magical for some people … the connections and the personal transformations… and so much more.

Follow your bliss.

Bliss Love, Zoë

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