Blog 28: Have you noticed everything is speeding up?


Bliss Sanctuary Bali - Blog 28: Have you noticed everything is speeding up?
Bliss Sanctuary Bali - Blog 28: Have you noticed everything is speeding up?

When I was a kid my mum always used to say, wait til you’re older… everything will go by so quickly! ‘Yeah right mum’ … I’ve come to learn just how true this statement is!

It’s been just over 2 years since I opened Bliss Sanctuary For Women. I’ve expanded once already, renovated another villa and started Golden Buddha Villas, I’m about to expand the sanctuary again within the next couple of months and I’m currently in Greece looking at a large project business opportunity here! One that I am VERY excited about.

On one hand it seems like a lifetime ago that I started doing this as if I’ve been doing it forever and on the other hand it has flown by and seems like the blink of an eye. All in all it is amazing and exciting and I often pinch myself that this is my life.

Whilst doing all of this, one area of my life that seems to have slowed to a halt is my health. Again an oxymoron as I wouldn’t be on this path at all if my health hadn’t slowed me down physically and introduced the insight of pain and the huge need to help people and myself overcome this. Essentially this is the basis of my purpose and everything I seek to do. It is a healing path.

Whilst in Greece I have been seeking some self healing with the mineral hot springs here, well documented over centuries for the healing powers of the water. Although there are many springs in the world, these ones are extremely powerful. They even had to shut one down as the Radon was too strong.

I have now been here 2 months and definitely feel a lot clearer and have a lot more energy, to the point I am now feeling a bit bored! Lol Now that I have energy, sitting around home working isn’t as much fun, I need to get out and do some exciting things.

Whilst on this self healing quest I have come across the teachings of Dolores Cannon. She teaches a hypnosis method that takes each person back to our ‘source’ (God, the universe, a higher power – whatever works for you). Through this method she has gained so much information that she has written 12 books. Many of them are completely out there and include UFO’s other beings, past lives, multiple universes etc. I actually have to blink sometimes and pinch myself when listening to or reading her words wondering how on earth this could resonate. How far I have come!

All in all I believe everything is energy – our bodies, the words we speak, a table, a blade of grass, our thoughts, God – everything is living and everything is energy. As such I believe nature shows this as the best metaphor possible and by it’s own example. Everything is connected. From the weather patterns and cycles to the way all of our food chains and animals link together to maintain ‘life’, from natural disaster to regrowth … it is amazing.

And it seems to be speeding up.

Look at our kids these days… 2 year olds using ipads … kids functioning at higher speeds than our education system (ADHD etc) … never sitting still focusing on one thing but wanting stimulation from every area.

I have found I have changed too.
I don’t have to meditate as long to feel peace.
Life is about ‘doing’.
Letting myself and the world around me flow together.

Not over thinking things but feeling my way, using my intuition, trusting and flowing.

I cant believe how when I let go, things come together exactly as they need to.
In exactly the right time.
Without me controlling or forcing things.
But letting go.

And look what has happened in 2 short years!

I’m hoping to do something miraculous with my health also.
But who knows. If this is just the way it is for me and it keeps leading me to great opportunities and helping others, then so be it.
There’s no right or wrong – its just experience.
And they’re coming in thick and fast!

Maybe the new earth so many have spoken about is coming.
Maybe it’s here?
Whatever is happening it’s all speeding up … we need to do the same so we don’t get left behind… in this life 🙂

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