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This blog started as a facebook post, but I got a bit carried away so thought I would share it here as a blog post highlighting the growth that was 2012 !

As I was laying in bed last night the 2012 reel rolling inside my head eluding sleep it struck me how important 2012 has been and how different my life has become.

Many friends think I am a crazy party animal, because they see me once a year and we may or may not go out. Yes I was a lot of fun 5-10 yrs ago … In 2012 I went out 6 times, not enough for a single girl. Of course that doesn’t include Sunset Cocktails with guests and friends who are in town, which I love to do. And plenty of dinners were had with friends. LOVE.

In 2012 different parts of my personality started to shine, with 4 tv debuts, 2 big photo shoots, 3 radio interviews, and approx. 10 magazine and newspaper articles with a few more (very personal ones) scheduled for the next month.

I cemented my role as a ‘blogger’ and international business woman! I set up a unique business structure with head offices out of Hong Kong as a basis for massive expansions.

I put 2 more villas on the portfolio with big interior design makeovers Zoe style… one for Bliss and one for me to live and work in.

I lost my puppy Bob. I added Bruce to the family.

There was disappointment in love and then hope came back.

I hired 4 new staff.

I lost old friendships which was very hurtful and heart wrenching while new amazing friendships blossomed and grew.

I became a Godmother and a new Aunty.

I missed my family and close friends so terribly.

I became Aunty Zoe remembered by presents in the mail.

I cried, I laughed, I cried and I still haven’t mastered the art of separation and going it alone even with the realisation we all go alone no matter what our circumstances.

We gave to charities and even though I was disappointed we can’t give more, growing the business will ultimately allow us to do that with my first humanitarian love … Bali Children.

I came to terms with the fact I never want to become a mother and that’s ok. Now I get to give back to many.

I challenged myself in every way possible … physically, mentally, emotionally.

I worked on my health and exercised in the pool, I cried with the relentless pain of migraines, I marvelled at my pain threshold dealing with chronic back pain. I overcame and never stopped. I gave in to tiredness and tried to honour my body.

And now I cry as I write this with the realisation that it wasn’t a bad year as so many people have written about their 2012. It was an amazing year of personal development and growth. It was a hard year and as always an important year.

And most of all I grew in every way possible and I’m proud to be where I am today because of the sadness, pain and adversities. I never knew I was all of this and I am very thankful for the total experience of my life.

Much Love for 2013.


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