Blog 16: Meditation


Bliss Sanctuary Bali - Blog 16 - Meditation. Girl meditating, looking up
Bliss Sanctuary Bali - Blog 16 - Meditation. Girl meditating, looking up

Meditation seems to be one of those buzz words in Western society that means so much yet so little for some. It’s another thing on the ‘should’ list for many, generally because a lot of people don’t think they know how to do it.

On my own meditation journey, I struggled for years with meditation.

‘I can’t stop myself from thinking’
‘My back hurts sitting like that’
‘I fall asleep’

Then I learnt to Om … but I could only do that when no one was around as it sounds kind of weird, unless you’re in a spiritual place… and not too often was I in one of those!

I spoke to so many people and most just shrugged and seemed to have all the same problems as me.

It certainly wasn’t enhancing my life … it just seemed to add another layer I didn’t understand.

Fast forward many years through so many life lessons and changes and I am now at a place where I meditate a lot.

But nothing much has changed really … except my attitude of lack or not being good enough; to my new attitude of acceptance.

‘I cant stop myself from thinking’ – Well that happens to everyone! It’s a matter of being aware of my thoughts. Listening to them as almost a 3rd person and not communicating with myself but just watching them. Sounds weird. And it is a bit. But it’s really nice being able to watch oneself from a distance… almost an out of body experience.

‘My back hurts sitting like that’ – so I lie down! There are different schools of meditative thought but I’ve adopted the get comfortable one. I actually feel more ‘IN’ my body this way and when I lie on the ground I feel more connected to the earth and more open to the heavens. That’s what works for me so I no longer judge it.

‘I fall asleep’ – well done! That means in that quiet space just before you fell asleep you were meditating… deeply! There is no right or wrong. Good or bad. So take that sleep and own it … you obviously needed it

After I gave up meditating the way I should with crossed legs, a quiet mind, and the tips of my fingers together, I came across some guided meditations from Doreen Virtue and Louise Hay. I must say these changed my life! I WAS meditating!!!

And I was lying down on my bed and listening … I honestly had no idea that could be meditating!

How simple… the realization came over me that meditation wasn’t necessarily clearing ones thoughts … but it is creating space in our thoughts. Not letting our thoughts be the master … but becoming aware and re connecting from within.

By sitting and listening to these guided meditations and affirmations my reality started to change, slowly. My internal dialogue was not simply self bashing with my inexhaustibly long ‘should’ list … My internal dialogue became aware and then kind, and then safe.

That is the nicest place for our thoughts to be. Somewhere safe.

Like when you are training a dog, a lot of them like to be in crates … a smaller space. They feel safe. They are not in charge of everyone and everything in a big open space. They are protected. Yet they can still grow and learn, they just need a space for rest.

So are our thoughts more at home when we put them in their own space and observe them. They are not the ruler of our emotions, destiny and life. They are part of it. We let them out, they learn and grow as we do, but meditation is putting them back into that safe space and soothing them and ourselves.

With guided meditations it’s like speaking soothingly to a child in their sleep. They are still learning and growing and they are absorbing the words. They are not distracted. It is safe.

After time the words we hear over and over are the words we are giving attention to in our life and they are the words that start creating the intentions in our life.

So yes by all means go to a place of silence in your meditations. And please also remember to include guided affirmations and guided meditations that resonate.

And maybe it could even help soothe some children to sleep? Could be worth a try?

So what’s on my ipod …

‘Stress Free’ by Louise L. Hay ‘Stress Free’ by Louise L. Hay
(fantastic to listen to everyday for half an hour)
‘Overcoming Fears’ by Louise L. Hay ‘Overcoming Fears’ by Louise L. Hay
(from time to time when fear starts to rule I listen to this)
‘Anger Releasing’ by Louise L. Hay ‘Anger Releasing’ by Louise L. Hay
(mmmm yes I have needed this lol)
‘Chakra Clearing’ by Doreen Virtue ‘Chakra Clearing’ by Doreen Virtue
(an interesting way to reconnect to the different energy meridiens throughout the body)
‘Manifesting with the Angels’ by Doreen Virtue
‘Karma Releasing’ by Doreen Virtue ‘Karma Releasing’ by Doreen Virtue

And 4 AMAZING new albums … A M A Z I N G
I would very much urge you to try one or more of these out…

‘Stress Free’ by Louise L. Hay ‘The Secret of Love – Meditations for Attracting and Being in Love’ by Deepak Chopra
This goes way beyond soppy, it is wonderful and amazing and very enlightening to realize how far from love we have come. Real love. Not the feelings of love. But Being Love. Like the God is Love type of Love… our source.
‘Overcoming Fears’ by Louise L. Hay ‘The secret of healing – Meditations for Transformation and Higher Consciousness’ by Deepak Chopra
‘Anger Releasing’ by Louise L. Hay ‘The Soul of Healing’ Affirmations by Deepak Chopra

I am just starting to listen to this one more as I’ve been quite ill… many more listens to come!
‘Chakra Clearing’ by Doreen Virtue ‘Blissful Sleep’ with Deepak Chopra

This is all about breathing and then a few lovely shorter deep meditations that bring us back into our body before falling asleep. I have only just started this as I still struggle to breathe…

So please enjoy and know that meditation can be a part of your life by just lying on your bed with your ear phones on … or sitting on public transport… I always listen to these when flying as I spend quite a bit of time traveling and I also crank the affirmations up on speakers whilst doing housework!

Don’t judge yourself. Just fit them in when you can and see yourself change as you need to, in a kind, soft, loving way.


Much Love, Zoe xxx

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