Blog 55: What a ride it has been in Canggu

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Blog 55 Canggu - what a ride it's been

What a ride it has been opening our first Bliss Sanctuary For Women in Canggu in April 2011, moving to our new Canggu Sanctuary in 2017 and recently being faced with a big choice to stay or go due to the popularity of the Canggu area leading to high growth and thus building around us.

Blog 54: Do YOU


Be you

I love that term ‘I’ll do me and you do you’ it is so empowering and something I’ve really enjoyed putting into practice lately.

Blog 52: New Beginnings


A young woman wearing a white shawl. She is sitting on a cliff edge watching the sun set over the ocean

We are entering our 8th year since I created Bliss Sanctuary for Women and we’re so excited about all the new beginnings in store for us this year.

Blog 51: The path to Ubud…


Blog 51: The path to Ubud - gorgeous Ubud location

Since starting Bliss Sanctuary For Women way back in April 2011 one of my largest aims was to open a sanctuary in Ubud. And since then I’ve been looking for just the right place.

Blog 50: Too many choices…


Blog 72 - Too many choices - stressed out girl with head in hands

I think one of the big stressors in modern life is the huge amount of choices we need to make every day about every little thing in our life.