Our “Amblissadors” have followed their bliss to us at Bliss Sanctuary For Women for a Bali holiday retreat.

They are all inspirational, beautiful women who understand the need for time out for themselves with their fast-paced, busy lives. We consider all of them to be part of our Bliss family.

Nadia Stamp

Nadia may be recognized from appearing on the Australian Reality TV show Married at First Sight. Fans can now follow Nadia on her Instagram.

amblissador nadia stamp bali retreat

Josie Gibson

josieJosie Gibson is an English television personality. She rose to prominence after winning Big Brother 2010 and entered Ultimate Big Brother the same year. She was a regular guest host on Channel 5 magazine series OK! TV. Since Josie was documented in the media for losing a lot of weight, Josie now runs a successful weight loss program called Slimmables. We loved having Josie stay with us here at Bliss Sanctuary, such a bubbly, bright personality. To find out more about Josie check her Instagram and Twitter.

Melissa Johannsen

screen-shot-2016-06-08-at-12-18-56-am-280x375International model Melissa Johannsen has enjoyed a very successful modelling career since entering a modelling competition whilst on holiday in Adelaide, Australia when she was 15. Since then Johannsen has walked catwalks at fashion weeks in New York, London and Milan and featured in magazines including Vogue Australia. We loved having Melissa stay with us at our brand new, beautiful Seminyak Sanctuary. Keep up to date with Melissa on her Facebook page.

Melanie Vallejo

melanie-210x280Melanie is one of the beautiful faces on Australian TV most recently with the popular TV Drama Winners and Losers and also known for her earlier roles such as playing the shy Madison in Power Rangers Mystic Force. Since then, she has starred in other Australian shows, Slideshow, Formal Wars and Dance Academy . She also has plenty of theatre credits under her belt. We love that Mel chose to enjoy her Bliss experience with her mum away from her busy career needing some girl time, like so many of our guests do. You can follow Melanie on her Instagram or Twitter accounts.

Mel Greig

822611-greig-210x280Mel is a TV Personality, Australian radio DJ and contestant on The Amazing Race and most recently Celebrity Apprentice, Australia. Mel was a popular DJ for Australian radio station 2Day FM, gaining notoriety for her “hilarious” on-air pranks. But her latest ‘Royal Prank’ backfired in a big way changing her life and ending her radio career as she knew it, where she and co-host Michael Christian were patched through to Kate Middleton‘s room at King Edward VII Hospital. The results were devastating and Mel went through many personal challenges such as depression, mass bullying and fearing for her life. She dealt with this in an honest, authentic, raw way and is now a bullying advocate for kids in schools and recently Mel has recently been a contestant on Australian Channel 9’s Celebrity Apprentice. read all about her visit here. You can follow Mel on her Twitter.

Chloe James

screen-shot-2015-09-10-at-4-49-25-pm-224x280Chloe was a former contestant and grand finalist on the 2014 series of the competitive cooking show ‘My Kitchen Rules’ on the Channel 7 network. An Australian media favourite for her mischievous ways and recent split from her husband, Chloe came and spent some much needed relaxing time with us at Bliss Sanctuary for Women in Bali, where Chloe found the privacy, peacefulness and autonomy she sought. You can follow Chloe on her Twitter.

Arabella Weir

Amblissadors Arabella Weir

A well known British comedian, actress and writer. Arabella is best known for her roles in The Fast Show and Posh Nosh, and for writing several books including the international best seller Does My Bum Look Big in This? Arabella is also well known for her books Onwards and Upwards and Cupid for which she also wrote the screenplay now owned by Working Title Films. Arabella has written for The Independent magazine, The Guardian newspaper and Weekend magazine. Arabella is currently starring in the BBC series, Two Doors Down. Keep up to date with Arabella on her Twitter Account.

Laura Csortan

screen-shot-2015-09-09-at-4-43-51-pm-219x280Laura began her career as both Miss Universe and Miss World Australia finishing top 5 in both competitions and winning Miss Congeniality at Miss Universe. Her warmth and quick wit saw her go on to become one of Australia’s leading TV presenters with an enviable television resume. Laura travelled the world for 7 years presenting on one of Australia’s most successful lifestyle programs The Great Outdoors and now she is a regular on Channel 7. Laura and Zoe have been friends for many years and Laura loved her time out at Bliss reconnecting with herself and Bali in a peaceful relaxing environment. You can read all about her experience at Bliss Sanctuary on Laura’s blog. To keep up to date with Laura check out her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Renée Brack

screen-shot-2015-09-09-at-3-44-51-pm-231x280Renée Brack is a well known TV personality, content producer, writer and adventurer from Australia. You will see her doing regular live chats about art and culture on ABC News 24. Currently Renée is ghostwriting the autobiography of an Australian icon of wellness, Lorraine Wood. The lion’s share of Renee’s long TV career was spent interviewing the likes of Morgan Freeman, Tarantino and one of her favourites Mark Chopper Read. Take a read of Renee’s blog posts about her visit here to Bliss Sanctuary for Women including ‘Looking for a rare holiday experience‘ ‘What is the magic of Bliss Sanctuary‘ & ‘Getting rubbed up the right way‘. Renée can be followed on her Twitter and Facebook.