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Bliss Bali retreat king size bed in luxurious Pool Room
Bliss Bali retreat king size bed in luxurious Pool Room

When was the last time you truly got a good night’s sleep?

At Bliss, we understand the importance of sleep and how much those 8 hours mean to us; a good night’s sleep can really help hone your mind, body and spirit.

We encourage all our guests to take as much sleep as they can, we call it sleep Bliss, it’s important – and here are 5 reasons why!

1. Good shuteye promotes healthy eating

Have you ever been exhausted and later inhaled an entire block of chocolate? Then you’ll know that when you’re tired, you’re likely to eat more and badly!

Sleep and metabolism are more linked than most of us realise, being driven by the same parts of the brain. When we’re tired, the hormone that increases our appetite becomes more active, which is why we crave sweets, chocolate, doughnuts and so much more.

If us girls even got an extra 30 minutes to one hour of sleep per night, we’d not only avoid those crow’s feet but watch as our waistlines shrink away! Who said losing weight wasn’t easy?!

2. Sleep makes us ladies live EVEN LONGER!

Some think it’s a myth, but research suggests that those who sleep more are less likely to run into health problems later in life – which can lead to an even longer life!

So, ensure you’re getting those all important 8 hours, because more time in this world means more time for spa treatments, travel and of course – the quest for bliss!

3. Sleep improves our productivity

As women we are already the queens of multi-tasking with some of us juggling multiple jobs or indeed multiple children! How is it possible to become even MORE productive?

Well, if you’re looking to be more focused and productive in 2020, you could do worse than look to your sleep. Research by sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo says that sleep deprivation impairs cognition, exacerbates concentration, shortens attention span and slows our reflexes.

So, it seems a bit more shut eye could turn us into super superwomen!

4. Sleep fortifies our immune systems and improves our mood

When we’re run down, it’s often because we haven’t been getting enough sleep!

This is because sleep fortifies our immune system, producing protein molecules that aid us in the fight against infections and colds!

In addition to physical illness, countless studies have shown a link between sleeplessness and depression – suggesting that improved sleep patterns can also help to alleviate symptoms of mental ill health.

Establish a good bedtime routine and allow yourself time to wind down before you turn the light out.

5. Sleep improves quality of life

Whilst good sleep has many perks, improving quality of life is the one we feel most strongly about!

When you sleep well, expert Jen Nurick says you can interact better, that you’re more productive, and you perform better in both a personal and a professional setting.

It leads to better concentration, a stronger memory and a longer, better quality life.

Jen says a good night’s sleep should allow us to experience at least 4-5 sleep cycles – consisting of deep sleep and rapid eye movement (REM) during which we dream!

In order to get these 4-5 cycles, we need to make sure we get between six and eight hours a night – who knew improving our minds and bodies could be so effortless?

Follow our advice, take time out for yourself and kickstart a longer, healthier, more blissful way of life!

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