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We know how much you look forward to your holidays; the sun, the sea, the sand, the cocktails and all the new delicious food to try.

As much as you might want to try everything, we want you to fully enjoy your precious holiday and not get ill while you’re away.

We really felt for Michelle Heaton who stayed with us recently, she had a beautifully blissful time while she was with us where we are super diligent and careful preparing our guests’ food in the kitchen but after staying with us, Michelle went and stayed at a hotel, and while there visited a sushi restaurant and it was here that she unfortunately fell ill.

It pains us to hear stories like this, as these are the kinds of symptoms that can derail carefully planned travel experiences. It is nasty, painful and can leave us not wanting to venture too far from the bathroom!

Whether travelling solo or not, it’s important to stay as healthy during a trip so we can enjoy the well-deserved break that us ladies need! Using our unmatched expertise of Bali, here are 3 tips to ensure our guests stay healthy, energised and ready to follow their bliss without complication!

1. Drink the RIGHT water

Known for its unbelievable hot and tropical climate drinking plenty of water is essential for remaining in good health during a trip to Bali. However, not all the water here is good for the sensitive stomachs of our tourists!

When travelling to regions like this, it’s always a good idea to stick to drinking water from sealed water bottles. You can usually pick these up for a low cost at local convenience stores, grocery shops or hotels. A top tip from us is to always check the seal on the bottle before you drink as some places will refill water bottles with tap water. Another one to avoid when it comes to drinking in general are straws in your drinks as some places may reuse their straws, which while good for the planet, might not be good for us!

Always be on the side of caution, so brush your teeth using bottled water, decline the offer of ice cubes in your drink and do your best to not swallow any of the water during that long morning shower we love!

And most importantly of all, remember to stay hydrated, the warmth of Bali means you will need to drink a lot more water than you would do if you’re used to a cooler climate.

2. Select your food carefully

Southeast Asia is renowned for having the best world-class street food.

Choosing whether to eat the street food is a personal choice but if you’re someone who gets sick easily, it might be best to avoid it!

But if you insist on getting stuck into the culture here, choose places that are popular. These places are more likely to be turning out fresh, hot food! Avoid food that has been sitting at room temperature. It’s best to eat from places that are cooking the food in front of you.

You should also be cautious when consuming raw foods such salads, uncooked vegetables or fruits that can’t be peeled. This is because they are often washed using local water – which we already know can become problematic for unsuspecting travellers!

3. Be wary of the sun

We know what you’re thinking, you travelled over 12 hours to enjoy this climate so why would we hide from it? The truth is a severe sunburn can really put a damper on your Bali vacation. At Bliss, our advice is to apply plenty of high-factor sunscreen frequently, preferably sunscreen no lower than 40!

At the same time, try to minimise the time you spend in the sun. Avoid being in direct sunlight when the sun reaches the highest point in the sky between 10am and 3pm!

Even shaded areas can be treacherous at this level of heat, so find shelter where the sun can’t be reflected up from the sand or the water.

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