Zoë Watson managing Director of Bliss Sanctuary for Women

Hi and welcome to our Bliss Sanctuary For Women Website! I hope you love it and connect with what we are all about. I had a journalist friend write a bit of a bio for me as its so hard to write these things! But I did edit it and confirm it’s all true. So if you would like to know a bit about me and how I founded our gorgeous Bali retreat sanctuaries, read on…

Zoë Watson managing Director of Bliss Sanctuary for Women

Zoë Watson the founder of Bliss Sanctuary for Women

“I’ve suffered some hardships, but over the years I’ve built up my beliefs around living a life of love, and the more time we take for ourselves, the more we can do to help others – to me, it’s a necessity not a luxury.”

Zoë is the founder and creator of Bliss Sanctuary For Women in Bali and lives a busy yet fulfilling life between Bali and Australia. For Zoë Bliss is a project of love that is an extension of her own needs after she couldn’t find anything like this for herself when traveling. “We are different to a retreat, in that you are there for yourself, not to fit into group activities or lose weight, or to better yourself somehow… importantly it is a space where you can follow your own bliss and have some ‘me time’ in a relaxing, beautiful, kind and nurturing environment.”

After years struggling with stress, health problems, and overcoming some big personal hurdles while maintaining a high level of success in a demanding career in media and marketing, to say Zoë Watson was burnt out would be a massive understatement. It’s no doubt she needed a life change, but first she just wanted a holiday.

“My heart and health were suffering badly – I deal with Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and crippling migraines– and I so desperately needed some time out and a fresh perspective.”

With her health issues and work taking over her life, Zoë had started to feel estranged from herself and her core values. “I became more and more disconnected from myself which left me feeling incredibly uncomfortable physically, emotionally and spiritually,” she says. “And I came to realise I wasn’t alone – every woman I spoke to seemed to feel the same disconnectedness in their own way. We all have different roles within our own lives, but the similarity is, we all have multiple roles, and different things to deal with.”

It was during that trip that Zoë had an epiphany. “It became clear to me that, yes, I needed to take some time out for myself, but more importantly than that, I realised I needed to create a space that all women could come to rest and reconnect with themselves. It’s the people who take the steps to make changes, or give themselves such a powerful boost of self-love, who shift things in their life. Sometimes we need a little help doing that, and I realised I wanted to be that help.”

And so it was that her plans for Bliss Sanctuary For Women were born. She quit her lucrative media sales job, and with her tenacious work ethic, her passion for supporting and empowering women, and, yes, a little bit of blind faith, Zoë’s blueprints for a gorgeous Bali hideaway catering to solo women travellers looking to find and follow their bliss was made a reality in 2011.

Bliss has now seen countless women through its doors, and like Zoë, guests often leave with a changed perspective on their lives. “I often don’t say much when guests leave crying in happiness or email me later saying, ‘this really did change my life,’” Zoë admits. “I’m dumbfounded by it, I’m in awe of it. The fact that something so simple – providing a beautiful environment full of kindness and nurturing that allows each guest to follow her own bliss – seems to have somehow created something magical for women looking to reconnect with themselves, is such a gift to me.”

“I’ve suffered some hardships, but over the years I’ve built up my beliefs around living a life of love,” Zoë continues, “And the more time we take for ourselves, the more we can do to help others – to me, it’s a necessity not a luxury. Over the past couple of years I have developed a deeper understanding and empathy through illness and struggle. We all deal with pain in our lives, and my challenge is to learn to accept and transform it with love. Life is busy, and at times it can be hard, but that isn’t what’s important. Connecting, authenticity, self-esteem, self-love, love for others… those are the important things.”

And it’s those things that Zoë has created and cultivated at Bliss – for herself and many other women.


A message from Zoe:

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read a bit about me and my story. It’s really hard to be vulnerable in life but I believe it’s the only true way to really connect to people so below I have shared some of my most vulnerable blogs. So many people make their own minds up about me and my life which is what we do as humans but I hope this gives you a glimpse into the darkness, the light and the shadows that we all have in life, and these are some of mine. Bliss is an amazing place, it has really become a place of healing which I know mirrors my own need to heal. It’s also a place of fun, joy and laughter as this is what I love in life. It’s a place of really yummy food to help you taste Bali as I have done. And it gives you complete freedom to do whatever you like as I’m a freedom lover and hate being told what to do! lol.

The road that brought me to Bliss and still challenges me and is paved with hardships as well as amazing euphoric moments. I live an amazing life yet I struggle with illness. I live in Bali yet need to go back to Australia regularly for medical reasons. I live with Fibromyalgia (a lot of pain), Chronic Fatigue and Migraine headaches and I have put on a lot of weight for no apparent reason. This aspect of my life does not define me. I work everyday to get better and have changed my life to one that brings me joy and Bliss Sanctuary For Women is my greatest joy in life. Giving back nourishes my soul. Seeing people follow their bliss everyday and take time out for themselves makes me truly, deeply happy. All my staff are like family and I love them. We teach each other. My friends and family are proud of what I have achieved and are patient with the sacrifices I make to dedicate myself to this beautiful business. I have found love in following my own bliss and creating a place of bliss for others to do the same. Here are some pieces from me in case you would like to connect further to my journey and story …

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❝ What a Perfect Time & Perfect Place to Land. Thankyou Zoë for creating Bliss for us all. My Passion is Women’s Worth & Women’s Wellness. After a recent Light Bulb moment myself , l found myself in need of some serious care and Nurturing l landed at Bliss Sanctuary and received all that l uniquely needed. ❞
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