These tips have been put together by myself, friends and visitors to Bliss Sanctuary For Women.


$1 AUD = 9500 – 10,000 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
$1 USD = 9000 – 9500 IDR
$1 JPY = 110.450 IDR

[NB: these are approximate currencies for planning purposes. For up to the minute rates please view an online currency converter ]


Anything loose fitting that breathes, remember it gets very hot in beautiful Bali.

You can get away with anything in most places (thongs are fine!) but if you go to some up market restaurants then you will need a nice dress or resort wear. (NB: thongs are the footwear variety for our non Australian guests! lol. Thank you to Hannah for pointing this out thinking we were wandering around in our underwear!!! hahaha)

Ladies if you love dressing up in heels then take them if you’re visiting nice bars & restaurants, but NEVER wear them during the day, you’ll regret it! It’s too hot and your feet will swell. Wedges are the best choice if you love a heel as they take less wear and tear and navigate the holes in the footpaths and roads a lot better.

Of course bring multiple pairs of bathers, but if you need more you can buy some here. Not always cheap though, especially if shopping around Seminyak! There’s Havaiana shops that also sell Seafolly swimwear.


At Bliss Sanctuary for Women all your transport is taken care of. However if you do need to catch a taxi then be nice to the taxi drivers they are usually lovely and honest. Just make sure you ask for the meter to be started, or if you know where you’re going and how long it takes barter before your trip starts.

If you find yourself at the airport without a transfer (obviously not if you’re coming to Bliss!)there are plenty of taxis and drivers that you can barter with. It’s 25 minutes from the airport to Seminyak (unless in peak hour or during special celebrations). So don’t spend more than $20 on a cab or RP 250,000 as a guide.


Always hold on to your belongings when out (especially in Kuta) like you would at home, it’s no different really. Don’t carry your handbags on motorbikes as these can be grabbed.

DON’T take your passport out with you – lock it in the safe in your room or have it held at reception in a locked box if you are at a larger resort.

Only use your credit card in a restaurant or a shopping department store not at the markets – not worth the risk and better to barter with cash (IDR).

No need for travelers cheques or money passports – there are plenty of ATM’s on every corner that are safe and convenient. There are many Commonwealth Bank ATM’s which have lower banking fees.

I normally grab some IDR’s from the ATM at the airport as this way you get the best exchange rate on the day.

If you have other currency then there are some very good exchange places that give good rates! Make sure they are visa approved and normally if they have air conditioning then they are good! Always check your money after they give it to you and never let them touch it again after you have counted. They are amazing at reducing the tally in a flash! Quite an artform in the back streets of KUTA, though a dying one.


Make sure you have the VISA application money of $35USD ready to pay when you arrive. This is also fine in the equivalent of any currency and they will show the actual amount on the booths. They also accept credit card.

There is no need to apply for VISA’s before you arrive and no paperwork is needed when you get there if you are on a 1 month travel Visa. If you are going for longer you can get an extension of 1 month at the Indonesian embassy prior to your 30 day departure date.If you’re not sure about your countries status please double check online before coming.

Departure tax is RP 200,000

If you would like to Fast Track your airport experience and have someone there with your name as you first step into the airport to help you skip the lines it will cost you approx. $25 USD. This can be organized prior, or you can often find someone at the airport. This is not always available.


Only 1 Litre per person is allowed – otherwise they will confiscate the excess at the airport. You must buy it duty free at the airport you depart from and make sure it is all sealed.

If you’re coming to Bliss Sanctuary For Women we suggest you bring flavoured Vodka, tequila or Bacardi … as these are easy to mix with the yummy juices we have available. Alcohol isn’t included in the packages but we often have Bintang and left over spirits available. If you’re not sure, check with your hostess what to bring.

Spirits are comparative prices in Bali but wine and champagne are extra ordinarily expensive! Even Aussie wines are about $80 a bottle for something that is considerably less at home. Beer is nice and cheap. Cocktails are quite cheap too depending on where you go.

Eating Out

You can spend a little or a lot – depending on what you are after! There is great food everywhere but our picks are:

Up Market

Potato Head The newest most popular place to be seen dressed up sipping a cocktail around the pool overlooking the beach. You must book in advance for a table for meals. & The food is more relaxed and quite cheap … Bali’s version of a pub meal. And the Cocktails are to die for! There are 3 restaurants with very different dining experiences.


La Luciola Italian on the Beach at Seminyak – nice for breakfast, lunch or sunset but you’re paying for the view more than the food.

Ku De Ta European and fabulous and prices comparable with Australia – best for cocktails at sunset then dinner. They flood the beach with light at night so you can see the waves! Beautiful, and a well dressed but casual crowd and great DJs.

Sarong Indian Fusion in Seminyak – pricey but GORGEOUS. My personal favourite and not like any Indian food I have ever tasted with fresh bursts of amazing tastes in every bite. Best to order a number of starters to share and you can’t go past the soft shell crab salad! Yummmmm.


Mama San Amazing Asian fusion food from the same owners as Sarong! With a really cool bar upstairs perfect for pre or post dinner cocktails. The location isnt as picturesque as some but its a great space with great food… all you need is the great company.

Breeze @ Samaya Fresh & fabulous & right on the beach.


Metis (formerly Café Warisan) French & fantastic. Splurge for a Champagne!

Charlies Bar and Dining Amazing food, 2 eating spaces with different chefs and the kitchen is open til 2am. Hedonists only. And they usually have some great entertainment on the night.


Everyday Dining

Ultimo Italian in Seminyak in Oberoi Rd ‘Eat Street’ Lobster pasta for about $15 and yummy cocktails … a personal favourite.


Gourmet Café Amazing for a great healthy breakfast & excellent coffee; & amazing pastries from Bali catering.

Rumours Steak, pasta and just about anything – good prices compared to the upmarket restaurants.

La Trattoria Italian and great food with decent wine prices. (Same owners as Rumours)

Café Bali Another personal favourite with great salads, Italian and European food. Perfect for lunch or breakfast and yummy daquiris around $7 if you’re up for a boozy lunch or dinner.


* There are various Indonesian Restaurants that are really yummy. Definitely worth a try.

Cheap Cheap

You can grab a meal of pretty much anything with noodles or rice at the millions of cafes and bars in KUTA and Legian for about $4. Nasi Goreng is a regular that is cheap and very tasty, as is Nasi Campur if you like a variety.

If you like a good old hamburger you will generally get one for about $5 – $7 tops!

Alcoholic drinks are the expensive part of any meal!