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Our people are so important to us at our Bali Women’s Retreat. Zoë has spent a lot of her time hand picking exactly the right staff and hostesses to look after you during your stay.

Every person working at Bliss does so with love, kindness and nurturing at the forefront of what we do. If a meal isn’t as good as it can be, we let the staff know it doesn’t have enough love in it. If we inspect a room and find some things not quite right we ask them to put more love into it and guide them.

Although our hostesses are from English speaking backgrounds and our staff are Indonesian, love is a universal language that all can understand.

We don’t separate our people from our product, Bliss is more of a family. We take care of each other, help each other, we’re there for each other and if someone isn’t the right fit we help them to follow their Bliss. All of our Balinese staff have been with us for a long time and  we’ve grown every year and added more to our team.

Our hostesses are with us on a contract basis and are handpicked by Zoë with emphasis on their ‘can do’ attitude, empathy, caring and ability to get things done. It’s not easy to find the right people for this position so a lot of love and care goes into the selection process with our hostesses having come from Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand and all have contributed positively to Bliss in their own way.

Meet our current Blissful team in Bali

Zoe Watson, Bliss Sanctuary Bali, Retreat for Women, Bali Retreat, Bali women's retreatZoë Our founder and mentor from Australia, living between Bali and Australia and running the business in Hong Kong. Although not based at the sanctuary, Zoë has a hand in every aspect of the Sanctuary and is always available to connect with and knows exactly what is going on behind the scenes. Zoë spends her time on Marketing, expansion plans, bookings, top level management, content creation, recruitment, media liaison, mentoring, overseeing accounts and running the business as a whole. ‘By training my staff and ensuring I hire people who live the Bliss Philosophies I feel they are an extension of me and what is important to the business of Bliss. I seek to empower all of my staff to connect and run things as if it were me myself.’ Zoë is available on email at any time and loves to hear from guests and is often the one answering booking enquiries. Zoë’s heart, mind, soul and creative visions are the essence of Bliss Sanctuary For Women. Contact Zoe

040_208x308Shar Our hostess from QLD Australia who has an executive background turned naturopath. We love the way Shar connects with guests, her aim is to help you follow your bliss and she does this with ease by organizing everything for you in a practical easy manner while offering a deeper connection of friendship. She works with all of our Bali staff in a beautiful humble way, whilst still keeping things at the highest standard. We all respect, love and rely on her and love her infectious boisterous laugh. Contact Shar

PatmaPatma is our first Indonesian hostess & she grew up right here in Bali. Our guests love her in-depth local knowledge and real first hand insights into Balinese culture. Patma has previously lived in Australia for 3 years working in the hospitality industry, and in 2012 she returned to Bali and worked in Villa Management in nearby Seminyak, where she managed 11 villas. Patma is amazing with our guests and we all just love her warm, vibrant and welcoming personality. Patma says about working for Bliss ‘I love meeting beautiful ladies from all over the world and sharing experiences in a calm and peaceful environment, it is truly rewarding to help people follow their bliss…. and the food is amazing!.’ Contact Patma

042_208x308Rosie Our Relationship Manager who looks after bookings, key relationships and sales, marketing, and other projects alongside Zoë. Rosie is an ex hostie with Qantas also with a more executive background. She deals with people so well, has amazing attention to detail and a lovely communicative manner. A perfect fit to enhance our relationships between Bliss and you. Contact Rosie

043_208x308Wayan Our original masseuse. Wayan helped Zoë organize the treatments and set up our treatments menu. Wayan has been massaging for over 9 years and also did high level training for different spas she used to work for. Since becoming a mum with her husband living overseas in Greece, Wayan has loved working at Bliss with a more flexible approach and family feel. She has magical hands and is especially good at the Thai Massage.

044_208x308Kadek As the head of the kitchen Kadek looks after the majority of the shopping, does the rosters for the kitchen staff, has helped with the making of the cook book and recipes, and is responsible for the extremely high standard of food coming out of the kitchen. Kadek has recently adopted a little boy to start her family with her husband of 10 years. In Bali they adopt from another family member and this has been a journey of heartache and now love that we have supported Kadek in. Kadek is a hard worker, has a joyous feisty character and is fiercely proud and responsible for such a high level of food coming out of the kitchen.

045_208x308Yanti Cook, housekeeping and blissful beautifier. Originally from Java, Yanti moved to Bali with her late husband for work. Her mother still lives in Jakarta and cares for her daughter there. Yanti only goes to see her for special religious holidays and Birthdays and is committed to her career in Bali to send back for her daughters education. Starting with us as one of the shyest girls we have ever met, Yanti has blossomed as an important part of the Bliss family. After some time working with us we realized she had a special gift of doing beautiful flower arrangements and towel rolls so she has become our blissful beautifier and takes so much pride in making everything even more beautiful than it already is.

viko-208x308Viko We love our only Grandmother on staff Viko. This bubbly, smiling, beautiful Balinese woman has joined the team in 2015 after housekeeping at various villas in Bali. In joining us she has learnt to cook as part of her job and now cooks the best Beef Rendang that guests love. Viko is a valuable member of the team, always smiling and wanting to do a great job enthusing so much of her motherly love into everyone she comes across.

popy-208x308Popy Originally from the neighboring island of Java, Popy, a single mother to one lucky boy, has been living in Bali for the last 6 years where she studied massage and reflexology. Popy used to work as a very busy and popular freelance massage therapist prior to joining Bliss. She used to freelance with us from time to time and the guests and Zoe loved her so much we offered her a full time job. Luckily the feeling was mutual and she joined us in 2014.

046_208x308Riska As head of the kitchen Riska has proven herself to be an extremely valuable member of the team with an amazing work ethic. She has very good English after traveling to many countries looking after a  family for 5 years and is reliable and efficient. Like all our staff Riska takes great pride in her job. Riska looks after all the staff and helps train new staff as well as oversee shopping and budgets and helping with housekeeping. She’s also our go to person for translating and is always such a great help. She’s a bit more private than some of the others and gets a bit shy when you first meet her, but she is so helpful and amazing and we love her.

047_208x308Vera Another amazing masseuse Vera has many fans in past guests who love not only her massage but her stories and hilarious expressions. Her eyes open so wide and she laughs with every aspect of her being. Vera has one son and with her husband has recently been escalated to ‘Holy’ man and woman of their village due to her husbands lineage. Vera loves her job and is best friends with Wayan, an extension of her family. Another one with magic hands and now ‘holy hands’ also.

048_208x308Komang Our gardener and security and general caretaker. Komang speaks very little English but he has a huge smile and is usually there in the garden or cleaning the pool when you wake up in the morning. His wife, daughter and 2 sons live about a 2 hour motorbike ride away and he visits them once a month. Komang lives next to the villas and we are so thankful to have him there 24/7 feeling safe his safe hands.

049_208x308Ketut Yes we have our own Ketut at Bliss and there have been many ‘Rhonda’ jokes from all of our Aussie guests which he secretly loves. Ketut is our head driver and we feel very safe with his careful and knowledgeable driving. He has such a high moral character which he offsets with a great sense of humour, huge smile and love of the band ‘Roxette’ which you will hear most days in his car as he hums along. There have been many sing-alongs in Ketuts car, but most of all he is so careful and caring of our guests. Ketut loves working at Bliss as he sees it as a very special place caring for women which he is immensely proud of. Ketut is a father of 2 boys and husband to a wonderful wife and he holds a highly esteemed place in his village as the go to person for any issues. Almost like a Priest looking after his congregation. We feel very safe and cared for in Ketuts hands.

050_208x308Febby Our 16 year old trainee. Febby started with us when she was 14 and has been a great member of the team with the sweetest demeanour. Febby is still at school hoping to go to university and has very much enjoyed the amazing training she gets for the number 1 specialty lodgings in Bali. This is quite prestigious for her when embarking on a career in hospitality and travel. Febby is our original cooks daughter, Alit who is now working at Zoë’s other villa in Bali on her own looking after guests.