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Giving back during your stay at our Bali health and wellness retreat

The Humanitarian Package can be added to any other Bliss Sanctuary For Women Bali health and wellness retreat package and includes a $250 AUD donation.

This package is all about giving back to the children of Bali.
We have chosen 2 established, proven Bali foundations helping communities through educating and providing healthcare for children. Bali Children Foundation & Bali Kids.


Your $250 AUD will provide

  • BCF Western Community Project sponsoring 1 x primary school child education for 1 year
  • Includes primary school fees, clothing – uniform, school shoes, books and lesson materials
  • Healthcare health and hygiene checks and supporting Balinese Communities through visits and provision of supplies
  • Hygiene packs for one student including monthly packs of tooth paste, tooth brush, shampoo, soap, small towels and washing powder for clothes
  • English classes in the village in the existing new facility (BCF building)
  • Costs for co-ordination – we need monitors, to get the children to class, transport costs and other add ons- including an annual Community party to help bring the community together in support of the children growing and learning


For anybody wanting to bring donations stationery is good, pencils, pens, crayons, paper, paints etc. We also pass on clothing in good condition suitable for children 6 years to 15 years old.

Can you believe how much your $ can assist the children in Bali? A little bit of love goes a long way!

Thank you for wanting to give back to the communities helping to facilitate your Blissful Bali Experience.

NB: The $250 AUD can be added to any other Package. This component of the package is not subject to discounts.

Visits to an orphanage are difficult to arrange but special circumstances may be taken into consideration. Where we do visit the orphanage you need to bring $50 AUD to contribute to bags of rice and basics