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Posted on Mar 3, 2013

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One for the ladies: A women only retreat in Bali

February 28, 2013

Bali has long been popular as exotic Eastern get-away destination, and has become ever more so since Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love – and the subsequent movie starring Julia Roberts – gained wild popularity. Women worldwide began to see it as a place to take a break from the world and the Bliss Sanctuary allows them to make that vision into a reality.

Bliss Sanctuary is strictly for women and offers them respite from their daily lives, and also promises an environment without couples or children. On the website, the sanctuary is described as ”a destination of friendship and healing.” The all-inclusive experience involves traditional Indonesian meals cooked on the premises, comfortable accommodations, transportation and healing body services and practices such as massage, yoga and meditation.

This is a unique destination in that it is exclusive to women traveling alone, and the mission of the sanctuary is to offer them a place for healing and companionship where women can support and nurture one another in a peaceful environment.

Because women’s daily lives often revolve around a demanding routine – work, childcare, housekeeping and managing a home – they will find that at Bliss, their time is purely their own and there is no set schedule they have to follow. Each guest is free to use their days as they see fit and engage in activities that are appealing and fulfilling. The number of guests staying at any given time is never more than five, ensuring a peaceful and uncrowded, unhurried sojourn at the sanctuary.

Guests typically spend about a week at Bliss and are given a private room with a bathroom and bathtub and all necessary toiletries and amenities. They are allowed to use the on-site pool and those with a bent toward cooking have the opportunity to learn to cook local Indonesian dishes. And for those travelers who want to check in with family and friends, there is free wifi at the resort.

Unlike some retreats that emphasize clean living only, Bliss encourages guests to bring tasty alcohol to mix with the fresh juice made at the sanctuary and offers tips for sight-seeing, nightlife and shopping. Guests here get the benefit of staying in a peaceful, relaxed space while also enjoying the local culture and meeting the people of Bali.

Bliss Sanctuary offers several different packages tailored to travelers’ interests. Stays here are not cheap, but if you’re treating yourself to a trip to Bali, you should be prepared to go all out.

While a stay at Bliss Sanctuary is primarily about caring for oneself, and connecting with the women who are also there, it is also an opportunity to help local people in need. A portion of the money earned with each booking goes to charities that assist poor orphans in the local community. These carefully selected organizations were chosen because of their ability to meet the real needs that exist for people in Bali, rather than throw money at well-intentioned but ill-advised imposed solutions. Bliss also runs a trainee program to help local youths develop valuable job skills.


Bliss Sanctuary for Women Bali is a unique women only retreat designed to allow you to follow your bliss

We are a unique women only retreat experience in Bali offering women a safe, serene and pampering environment to reconnect and revive.

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