5 Fitness Retreat Holidays That Focus On Fun – New Idea

Posted on Jul 20, 2013

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5 Fitness Retreat Holidays that Focus on Fun

1. Yoga Retreat in Bali

Learn yoga or improve your skills at your own pace in the blissful surroundings of your Balinese villa and then surrender to a daily 90-minute massage at the five or seven-day Bliss Experience, billed as ‘more than a yoga retreat’. As an added bonus, you can experience unlimited meditation classes. We say namaste to that! Visit www.blisssanctuaryforwomen.com

Bliss Sanctuary for Women in Bali combines the elements of a fitness retreat, the best yoga retreats, a wellness and spa holiday, all within a serene Sanctuary for Women.

Designed to meet all your needs, we create a carefree atmosphere that you can enjoy without feeling the travellers pressures of organization, isolation, or fear of the unknown. This is ‘eat pray love’ style self nurturing but all in one week on the beautiful island of Bali. Check out our Bali retreat packages.  The Bliss Experience is about personalising your vacation by catering to your individual needs. With no restrictions on the things you love to do, our aim is to help you feel reinvigorated about life and yourself by offering an experience to help you feel rested, reconnected, and alive.