Bliss Sanctuary for Women on Network Ten Australia

Posted on Aug 10, 2012

McEncroe says last week she went to Bali and stayed at a beautiful villa designed for women who need time out, Bliss Sanctuary. She shows her report on the experience. Zoe Watson, Owner, Bliss Sanctuary, says she came from a media and marketing background and needed a break after a car accident. She says they only have three to five women at one time. She says it is about every woman finding her bliss. McEncroe says there are some rules, no couples, no men, no kids, no crowds and no schedules. Watson says it is a powerful experience for women to travel by themselves. She says yoga is good with centring the mind body and spirit. She says they are in partnership with a nearby specialist yoga centre Desa Seni. She says Zoe provides tourism based traineeships for local young adults who work there. McEncroe says you give a proportion of money to a charity.

A haven for women in Bali that incorporates the experience of a spa resort vacation, a wellness holiday and a healing and yoga retreat.

The Bliss Sanctuary for Women healing yoga retreat in Bali is the perfect place for like minded women to experience pure bliss, traveling on their own without feeling alone. Check out our Bliss Bali Retreat Packages