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Posted on Jul 21, 2013

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Bliss Sanctuary for Women

The name says it all. It’s all about feeling good, in a very private space. No children, no couples, no men and no pressure to do anything you don’t want to. The creation of Australian Zoe Watson, this sanctuary in the Canggu area, north of Seminyak, is for women in need of total rest and relaxation. Guests can immerse themselves in the luxury of a four bedroom villa and marinade themselves in all the good bits of the Balinese tapestry, including spa treatments, massages, yoga classes, meditation, culture and gorgeous food. There’s also a chauffeur to make it all happen when you want it to.

There is no program as such, but rather a selection of themed packages – Self empowerment retreat package , waterlover, thrill Seeker, Fad Foodie among them – that give structure to the seven-day retreats. But if you want to lie by the pool all day and read a book until the massage session you’ve booked for mid-afternoon, that’s perfectly okay.

Proceeds from every booking filter into the sanctuary’s humanitarian fund to support the children of Bali, which is something else you can feel good about.

Bliss Sanctuary for Women is a unique experience for women who want to reconnect with themselves. Experience a self empowerment healing retreat for women like no other

A review by Good Health Magazine. Bliss Sanctuary for Women – a unique sanctuary for Women in Bali combining a spa vacation, yoga retreat and wellness holiday for the body, mind and soul. Find your balance in beautiful Bali at our dedicated women’s health retreat in Indonesia. You can see all of our retreat packages here.