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Posted on Jul 20, 2016


I may not be in high school any more, but I remember year 12 VERY clearly. Mostly because it was the most stressful year of my life. That epic last month of exams/crying/exams/ freaking out/more crying? Not keen to relive it. Of course the pressure was entirely self-imposed, but it didn’t matter, or stop the tears. So when I finally came out of the fog that was high school, I didn’t want to go mental and party at schoolies. I didn’t want to be surrounded by a million people I didn’t know or like – I wanted a break. I wanted time out to sort my head out, and be still a while… and I wanted to do it with my mum or my bestie, who I hadn’t seen in like six months on account of my srs relationship with my text books.

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So that’s why, at the end of this school year, I finally took the trip I wanted to take all those years ago. As I was finishing the year of working at GF, I flew to Bali and stayed at Bliss Sanctuary Spa Retreat for Women. OK, so they’re not kidding with the ‘bliss’ in the title. It was legit one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. And, even though an OS holiday might seem an exxy thing to pitch to Mum, not only is this totally affordable, it’s worth every cent – and she’ll love it. Trust me on that part. I came home, and everyone was all like “You look SOOOO well”. I was one of those glowy holiday people that you kinda hate for looking so amazing and refreshed. Anyway, since I came back a ~changed woman~ I thought I’d tell you my top 5 reasons you need to do this trip.

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1. The chill factor

Bali itself can be pretty hectic, but they call this a sanctuary for a reason. When you walk through the door, you’re greeted by the amazing hostesses and feel instantly calm. There’s a definite feeling that this is how you should always feel. So what if you want to lie by the pool all day? You totally can, and that’s OK.

2. The lush “dream life” factor

This is not a drill: each day you get a massage or facial, or treatment of your choice (included in your stay). And not only that, your days are organised for you by the lovely hostesses, so all you need to think about is what time you want a massage and if you want to go to the beach or pool – or both. Oh yeah, and also the food is made for you and it’s just the most delicious thing ever.

3. The yoga factor

OK, so I’d only done yoga a couple of times before I got to Bali and I didn’t think I’d be very into it… but I’m a serious convert. You can do yoga daily (for free) here at a gorgeous resort called Desa Seni. It’s like doing yoga is paradise. You can’t help but love it. Also, if you’re wanting to rebalance the heart/mind/ body this is where you need to start.

4. The balance factor

Speaking of balance, this was one of the main reasons I wanted to go on this trip. After a year of crazy I wanted to just chill and find the illusive zen. So, when I found out that you can see some ‘healers’ at the sanctuary I was THERE. First up I went to the traditional Balinese healer – Sami, who was there to sort out my physical issues. He talked a lot about balancing masculine and feminine energy (Yin and Yang) and how to achieve that balance by the food and drink you consume. Next, I saw Henry, who did colour puncture therapy (dw, there’s no actual ‘puncturung’ involved). He used colour and crystals to unblock any issues either emotional or physical. It was kinda amazing I have to say and the next day I felt so much lighter, and – you guessed it – balanced.

5. The bonding factor

Hands down the best part of this trip was actually the people I met. Although the sanctuary is only small, everyone there was looking for the same calm and balance as me. I went there to have some ~quality~ time with my bestie (which of course I had oodles of) but I came out with new friends. Each night we ate together and there were girls from all over the world coming together. It was just incredible.

So yeah. Jealous yet? I mean I’m a little jealous of myself even re-reading this. So if you’re in need of that calm again after the epic year, I’d maybe show this little blog to mum with a winky face.

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