Sunday Mail – The Time Of Our Lives at Bliss Retreat Bali

Posted on Nov 24, 2013

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As the founder of a Balinese sanctuary which allows women to temporarily escape their hectic lives, Zoë Watson is an expert in helping others unwind.

From yoga classes to daily massages and individual drivers for each guest, the Bliss Retreat Bali Sanctuary experience set up by the 39 year old Adelaidean nearly three years ago is based on the importance of setting aside time for ourselves.

But ask Watson, who splits her time between the popular Indonesian holiday island and Henley Beach, what she does in her own “me time” and she lets out a wry laugh.

“They often say we teach the things we need to do the most,” she laughs.

Her busy work life, which includes establishing a medical tourism business in Greece, means Watson rarely gets to put herself first.

“It’s definitely a rarity. I try to come back to Adelaide over summer and spend a lot of time going for walks along the beach and I also enjoy meditating,” she says.

Bliss Retreat Bali is a sanctuary for women travelling on their own with no couples and no kids, just pure relaxation

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