Better Homes & Gardens – Bliss Out – a peaceful retreat, with no couples or kids

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

Better Homes & Gardens - Bliss Out, a peaceful retreat

Bliss Out – a peaceful retreat, with no couples or kids

For a relaxing holiday, discover Bliss Sanctuary for Women, offering female travellers a peaceful retreat, with no couples or kids. The experience includes all meals, 90 minutes of daily massage and a personal driver, all within the beautiful villa accommodation near Seminyak, Bali. Head to


Bliss Sanctuary for Women – a unique retreat for Women in Bali, combining a spa vacation, yoga retreat and wellness holiday for body, mind and soul

Bliss Sanctuary for women, welcomes women traveling on their own without being alone. Come and stay with us in beautiful Bali Villa Accommodation where you will be nurtured to your hearts content. No kids, no couples, and only a handful of women at any one time. This is pure holiday Bali retreat bliss, we are a sanctuary for women traveling who want the ultimate relaxation hassle free travel experience in Bali. Find out more about our Bliss Bali Retreat for Women or view our Bali Retreat packages here.