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When traveling, food is such a big part of the overall experience and culture appealing to so many of our senses and we’ve taken that to a whole new level at Bliss. Our food is renowned, cooked fresh, healthy, extremely yummy and with an amazing amount of choice. We have a huge array of Balinese foods, some adapted dishes and some Western dishes, all with the same things in common… they are scrumptious and cooked with love.

Having a predominantly Balinese menu means we cater easily for Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian and other specific needs.

Balinese food is cooked with beautiful flavours, lots of vegetables and predominantly chicken and seafood, not to mention an amazing seafood BBQ with vegetarian options supplied. Each of our dishes have been tried and tested by Zoë with a great deal of nurturing to get just the right ingredients, mix and flavours. Many vegans and vegetarians have been to Bliss and leave with big smiles and many words of thanks.

And the choice! Especially for women traveling alone, food choices and therefore food experiences are limited when visiting other

countries, so with us a lot of thought has been put into the way we serve food – either as individual or shared meals – with an open kitchen all day and a fresh banquet style feast for dinner.

For early risers there is fresh cut fruit, yoghurt, toast all ready to go in the kitchen that you can access at any time. Our cooks are there to cook for you from 9am and are at your beck and call until they leave at 3pm before coming back for dinner preparation. So we essentially supply all day breakfast and lunch of which you can choose anything from the menu. We also have some really yummy snack platters that we can make for you upon request. One thing our guests have never done is go hungry.

For dinner we usually have a communal meal serving various shared dishes each night. This is absolutely up to each guest whether you would like to be part of this and we can easily serve your own meal, or serve in your room, or earlier … whatever you would like we will absolutely do our best to accommodate.

There are tropical fruits available at all times, we have a secret stash of chocolate in the fridge, really nice coffee and various herbal teas and our

cooks are in the kitchen catering to your needs from 9am.

We don’t cater specifically for weightloss as we want food to be blissful not restrictive in this personal time out you have taken to self nurture, but we have many many healthy choices on the menu. As such we’ve had many past guests say they have lost weight whilst others have indulged and written to us delighted not to have put any weight on. That is completely up to you and your choices.

For many guests the shared dinners are one of the highlights of their stay at Bliss. The round table discussions often break out in raucous laughter, your hostess is there to keep the conversation flowing so nobody needs to feel awkward or uncomfortable … and the different food selections are amazing. We cater for everybody and share the food love.

As our motto is always follow your bliss, our food experience for each guest is so important and we will bend over backwards to ensure you are well looked after within your food bliss.

Sample Menu

Here’s a sneak peak of our top 12 requested dishes…

balinese food, food at bliss sanctuary bali, luxury retreats bali

Banana Pancakes

gluten free • vegetarian & vegan options

bali food, food in bali, bliss sanctuary bali, luxury retreats bali, fresh food

Nasi Goreng

gluten free • vegetarian & vegan options
available as traditional or bliss special

bali cold rools, food in bali, luxury retreats bali, menu bliss sanctuary

Cold Rolls

gluten free • vegetarian & vegan options


Chicken Curry

gluten free • vegetarian & vegan options


Salt and Pepper Squid

gluten free • vegetarian & vegan options
S+P Tofu & Prawns also available

tofu and tempe, tempe bali, tomato tempe, luxury retreats bali, bali food, bliss sanctuary food

Tofu and Tempe with Tomato & Garlic

gluten free • vegetarian & vegan

vegetarian food bali, vegan food bali, retreat bali food, luxury retreats bali, bliss sanctuary menu

Green beans with Chilli & Garlic

gluten free • vegetarian & vegan



gluten free • vegetarian & vegan


Soto Ayam

gluten free • vegetarian & vegan options


Seafood BBQ

gluten free • vegetarian & vegan options

chicken satay, bali food, bliss sanctuary bali, menu bliss sanctuary bali, luxury retreats bali

Chicken Satay

Gluten free • vegetarian & vegan options


Black Rice

gluten free • vegetarian & vegan

Please email us if you would like our full menu