This is where we’d like to say thankyou to the contributors of the website, social media and other Bliss International Enterprise Ltd. Communications.

Jem – Webmaster
For all his handwork on the website back end. This is a continual process and he’s great!

Elisa Mercurio – Photographer
For many of our fab new photos

Bringing Zoe’s vision to life with great editing, photography and overall design elements
+61881210867 / website:

Pip Wildman – Graphic Designer
Bringing Zoe’s vision to life with great editing, photography and overall design elements

Jo Henstridge – Photographer
For the original photos used to promote Bliss Sanctuary For Women from inception.

Thomas Rathmakers – Videographer
Tom has put together our videos, including all editing and some creative direction choosing all images, shooting video footage and sourcing music.

Special thanks to Channel Ten Australia for the use of footage shot for segment purposes.

Copyright infringement and Problems

Every effort has been made to ensure free photographs used for any purposes on this website are not licensed or being used illegally. We have gone to great lengths to search the images to ensure they are not original artistic content. If you feel we are using any image illegally or misrepresenting the original image in any way please contact us and we will take it down immediately.


These are random sayings used in multiple ways and by different people. We do not claim these sayings as our own. We simply resonate with the words and want to share the good energy these words can create. The visuals are sought out on the internet as popular images representing the saying and how we would like to visually express and share as a montage of words and images overall that are designed to be shared. Our brand alignment shows that we resonate with the content of each bliss bit through our values and beliefs.


Every blissntell is a photo taken of a bliss guest who has offered their positive energy by sharing their experience whilst at Bliss Sanctuary For Women, in one word. Every person has actively participated knowing these would be shared on our website, among social media and in other ways both for Bliss Sanctuary For Women and any relevant associated businesses.


These are sourced from youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and other sources. All videos and imagery are easily found on the internet and the video links state the originators. We simply share these as a positive way to make people in the Bliss community smile, across the website and Social Media. If you feel any video has been wrongly used or misrepresented in our blissvids blog, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Are words written by Zoe Watson, founder of Bliss Sanctuary For Women for the benefit or our Bliss Community. The content of these words have stemmed from Zoe’s beliefs and are shared as a form of positive energy and giving back. They are designed like inspirational cards that can be chosen everyday for meditation or personal focus purposes. The visual backgrounds of these have been sourced via Pinterest and other free sites for visuals. If you feel any of the visuals are a persons property and should not be used please contact us immediately. Every effort has been made to ensure all of these images are widely available on the internet for use and not infringing any copyright laws.


The images chosen for Zoe’s blogs are what we feel visually represent some of the content within the blogs in order to make the page more visually exciting. All images have been sourced and checked in various ways to ensure they are widely used online and haven’t been taken from an originator who has deemed their work as a means for profit. If you have claim to any of these images or feel they are being misrepresented or used inappropriately please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will take them down immediately.

The aim of the use of all images on this site is not to lay claim, but simply to share the love and positive energy. Any protest to the use of any images and we will gladly take them down. We view Bliss Sanctuary For Women a sharing site. Sharing of information. Sharing of ideas. Sharing of positive energy. In all instances we aim to do the right thing and take measures to ensure we are not in breach of any copyright infringements. We welcome any feedback or directives pointing out misuse of any images, quotes or overall content, which we will act on immediately.