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More than a Bali health and wellness retreat

Part of the extra experiences offered at Bliss are our amazing healers. All of our healers have been handpicked and tried and tested personally by Zoë. Our amazing healers have been chosen for being extremely authentic, effective, positive and fantastic communicators who have your wellbeing at heart. It is a personal connection that Zoë has looked for, with practitioners who truly care whilst being very accurate.

Healing is such an intensely personal experience and there are a lot of mediocre practitioners around. So I have spent many many hours vetting the best practitioners who fit in with the bliss values of openness, honesty, positivity and love.

Each healer we use understand you need to feel safe and able to trust the process. They are all empathetic, understanding, and extremely good. From all different backgrounds the one thing our healers all have in common is how amazing they are. I personally have found them extremely accurate and they have helped me push through to heal myself on every level.

I have had a huge amount of personal healing to do from my life’s journey so I don’t take visiting healers lightly. I only approve of the best. Those that have made a difference with me. No charlatans. No one in it just for the money. But those who are dedicated to sharing amazing energy of healing and insight with you to help you learn and grow and be the best version of yourself.

I trust them all implicitly.


Our healers range from Body work with Sami; Theta healing which helps to release and move through whatever is holding you back in the moment; Tarot and empathic spiritual counseling sessions. All of these practitioners come to the villa so you can experience them in the safety and security of your own room. This alone allows the healing process to start right away in a trusted, secure, empathetic, kind, loving environment.

We are so proud of each of our practitioners and truly love the amazing positive energy they bring to our guests blissful experience.

Master Chyrillus Ketut Samiratha (otherwise known as Sami)

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Sami is a traditional Balinese Healer who is available to visit our guests at Bliss for a private 1.5 hour session

Sami is a fifth generation healer and a descendant from a long line of traditional healers. His knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation.

Sami performs a diagnostic and intuitive massage
(Medical Clairvoyant + Reflexology + Accupressure + Kinesiology + Chiropractic and Osteopathy)

This is a unique treatment for your body, mind and spirit.

cost: 90 minutes approx. $50 USD

Erlangga Patria

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Erlangga is an amazing spiritual counselor who uses intuitive psychology, tarot and empathic spirituality and is available to visit our guests at Bliss for a 30 or 60 minute session.

Being a trained psychologist and advanced tarot card reader, he combines science and spirituality; Erlangga specializes in guidance and clarity through Tarot readings mixed with his intuitive knowledge and guidance.

cost: 30 minutes approx. $35 USD / 60 minutes approx. $70 USD

Henry Rodrigues – Colorpuncturist

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This healing modality is one that we have found brings instant relief on a different level with the way your body mind and soul feels in the present moment. Coulourpuncture simultaneously balances the hormones of the Endocrine System and its related organs, while the Lymphatic System executes the cleansing and detoxification needed from what we term Conflict Resolution.

Henry and his assistant Nengah both work on you simultaneously and will apply points from the Acupuncture grid, (minus the needles), with a myriad collection of illuminated laser-tipped crystal rods in a range of healing colours. These colours have been researched by the Mandel Institute of Esogetic Medicine in Germany and exclusively manufactured by Swarovski crystal to ensure the exact colour frequency of each crystal.

During therapy, the rods are painlessly and soothingly placed ‘on’ the relevant acupuncture points on the skin to provide a holistic healing that releases the often unknown traumas from the pre-natal period, others can be karmic, or traumas of childhood or adolescence and so many unresolved emotional conflicts we are embroiled in today that we just sweep under the carpet hoping that these festering traumas will go away on their own.

The result of this treatment allows for a feeling of a script rewritten, no more guilt, or the light of understanding dawns and you feel ‘set free’. Often, allergies, migraines, feeling ‘out of sorts’ go, and the zest for life, dynamism and enthusiasm return. Find out more about Colorpuncture here.

Cost: 90 minute session is approx $60USD

A truly healing holiday for body, mind and soul – unlike any other healing Bali retreat for women