more than a fitness and health retreat Bali

At Bliss we recognize that fitness is some peoples bliss and a big part of many peoples lives, so we have chosen the best fitness partners to help you choose your bliss your way for your active vacation. You have the ability to tailor make your experience to be the best active retreat or fitness retreat with the things you love doing.

As much as we encourage rest and relaxation and following your bliss, if your exercise is something you love, then of course we’ll help you follow this in every way we can.

Personal Training

We have various fitness partners in Bali and can organize Personal Training just for you to work on your fitness your way. With PT sessions you can do these across the road from the sanctuary on the public oval, on the beach early in the morning or whilst watching the beautiful sunset, or at a specially designed gym. PT training will be tailored to you and what you like to do from Crossfit, high intensity weights, cardio, boxing… keeping fit blissfully – your way.

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S2S Crossfit Bali

Our Crossfit partners are less than a 3 minute walk from the Villa’s and available for Strength to Strength training sessions, Personal Training Sessions and Beach Training Sessions. I have to say there’s usually quite a bit of eye candy at Crossfit sessions too!

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For those of you who enjoy running we are less than a 3 minute run to the beach. You can run along down to Seminyak Beach one way or past Batu bolong and up past Echo Beach the other way.

You can also run on the streets past rice paddies, cows, temples and villas … a great way to see some of the local Bali. And you can always take a phone with you if you think you might get lost. We’ll find you.

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Bike Riding

We have push bikes and helmets at the villa that you can take out at any time. A great way to meander Eat Pray Love style around the local Balinese community.

And if you would love to take this a bit further and go out for a day of sightseeing, we highly recommend the Eco Bike Tours … all downhill and always with amazing feedback in that you get to see the real Bali while having lots of fun.


If you can’t do without gym for a week, we can organise a week pass at the Canggu Club, a 3 minute drive away. We can organize your transport there and back and they boast some amazing facilities that cater to the majority of the local expat community.


Our Pilates partners Bali Pilates Studio offer traditional and contemporary pilates classes, group fitness and personal training classes. They include mat classes, reformer classes and specially designed pilates equipment. The teachers are very caring and loving and are very enthusiastic about movement and helping your body be the best it can be.

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Xtend Barre ™

We’re excited to be able to offer Xtend Barre ™ also through Bali Pilates Studio. The Xtend Barre ™ Workout is a fast-paced, 55-minute full body immersion that fuses dance, Pilates and sculpting exercises at the ballet barre to give you a chiseled body – and fast.
The philosophy of Xtend Barre is simple. We teach a multi-level class geared to challenge bodies of any age, gender or fitness background. We offer exercises that can be modified for beginners, pre-natal clients or clients with injuries.

It can also be amplified for advanced clients that are looking for an extreme challenge. 
This total body workout serves to strengthen, lengthen and stretch the body from top to bottom, from inside out. The end result is a long and lean physique…without adding bulk.
 Developed from a dance / Pilates background the Xtend Barre ™ workout combines the amazing results of dance with the principles of strength and safety in Pilates.
The Xtend Barre ™ method is best summarized by a long-time client: “If Pilates sculpts your body, Xtend Barre ™ chisels it.”


And of course we have unlimited yoga at one of Bali’s specialist yoga centres very close by. Here you can enjoy up to 5 classes a day with amazing yoga instructors from all over the world.

For those wanting an even more varied yoga experience we can take you for a day or half day trip up to Ubud to experience another Bali premiere yoga experience at The Yoga Barn.

We can also organize 1:1 yoga sessions for you which are a great way to either learn or elevate your yoga practice in the most amazing environment. How about a personal yoga session on the beach? Bliss!


Walking is an amazing way to explore the local area from beach to rice paddies and past temples. Or you can do this and get your exercise in while hitting the shops only 15 minutes away in Seminyak!

fitness and health retreat bali

A unique fitness vacation, detox retreat and active holiday experience combined with a dedicated women’s retreat in a beautiful Bali Sanctuary – Following your fitness Bliss, your way.