2014 – A New Year That’s All About ‘YOU’

Posted on Dec 16, 2013

We know what you’re thinking… another end-of-year release about new year’s resolutions to improve your health, fitness, nutrition, relationships, finances etc. etc. etc.Bliss Sanctuary for Women is always striving for that point of difference, so instead of promising a quick-fix solution to one aspect of your life, Bliss are dedicating 2014 as a year that’s ‘All about You’. An all-encompassing philosophy, it’s encouraging all women to take time out to recharge on whatever level they need. 2014 should be the year of finding your own “bliss”, whatever that may be.

Founder Zoë Watson is extremely passionate about providing women a Sanctuary, a nurturing environment that naturally encourages deep restorative relaxation and the time to rediscover who “you” are.

Her commitment to this quest is proven by her extensive research into female travel trends and general well-being.

Zoë recently came across studies by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that show that 42% of Australian women always or often feel rushed or pressed for time, aka ‘stressed’. This was a catalyst to conduct the first Bliss Sanctuary For Women survey to evaluate women’s needs and wants and to gauge the effects of ‘stress in the modern woman’s life’.

300 women participated in the survey; with 80% Australian residents aged 35 – 50.

73% claimed they were mostly happy and 50% felt they were in quite good health. This was actually a nice surprise, but it was some other findings that had us concerned. 44% of women surveyed stated they were ‘somewhat stressed’, while another 19% were ‘constantly stressed out’.

According to the findings of this survey, the main factors contributing to stress in the modern woman’s life are:

  • Work
  • Not enough exercise
  • Busyness
  • Lack of balance
  • Not enough time to rest

This was no real surprise BUT the survey then revealed that stress manifests in women’s lives in the form of fatigue, bad eating habits, moodiness and, in some cases, long-term illness. These factors, either combined or individually, ultimately play havoc on a women’s self esteem, self confidence, general wellbeing and a positive approach to life. It’s a recipe for strained relationships, poor sleeping habits and the onset of more serious issues such as depression.

On average over 80% of the surveyed participants take 1-2 hours out per week to help manage stress, which sounds reasonsable, but for something that has so much effect on our overall health, is it really? Even more concering was that 10% of participants never take any much needed ‘time-out’. According to the poll, the top five everyday stress busters are:

  1. Exercising on your own
  2. Going out for dinner
  3. Watching a movie
  4. Socialising with friends with alcohol
  5. Getting together with the girls

Interesting to note that three out of these five women indicated alcohol use for relaxation; yet this is not necessarily a healthy habit that will help long-term, like ‘deep rest’ would. And depending on the person, only one of the above stress busters was deemed ‘relaxing’.

Sometimes women need more than the quick fix stress busters. Here are some other interesting facts and stats we discovered in our research over the past year:

  • Stress has a huge impact on your health. Not only does it significantly increase your chance of picking up the latest cold or flu, but it is the main contributor to many other, more fatal diseases.
  • Relaxation helps protect the body against such diseases and promotes good health. According to Harvard Medical School, for relaxation to be effective it needs to get in deep. It takes 3 days to unwind and 7-10 to really relax when on holiday.
  • Australians are fast approaching digital consumption-overload and are in desperate need of some tech-time out. 61% of users can’t ignore their ‘beeping’ device and yet 65% feel worse after checking.
  • The rising trend of women travelling solo is flying high. According to a 2013 ‘Female Travel & Lifestyle Report’ conducted by lastminute.com.au, nearly 50% of Australian women have taken a holiday on their own. This is excellent news due to the many empowering rewards of going ‘solo’, and obviously why it is the fastest growing current travel trend.

But what we are interested in is the ‘type’ of holiday women are having. Are they coming back exhausted or relaxed? This is where Zoë Watson’s Bliss Sanctuary for Women (www.blisssanctuaryforwomen.com) comes into play.

A bespoke women’s only retreat located in Bali, it is completely unique – with no couples, no kids and under nine guests at any one time. A noteable and important feature of the Sanctuary is that guests enjoy their ‘own individual’ rooms, rather than being booked into share with someone they don’t know.

Guests design their experience and the Bliss team arranges all the details. The tailor-made holiday is exactly what you need it to be; whether you want to see the sights, experience the local culture, take some ‘me’ time, or simply ‘stop the world from turning’ with professional yoga or meditation classes, or relaxing the day away by the pool. Whatever it takes to get you to that state of ‘Bliss’.

The sanctuary also offers a variety of packages to choose from, with three new packages recently released to meet the needs and wants of the ‘modern woman’.

  1. The Solo Traveller Self-Empowerment Package
    Although travelling with a friend can be fun, taking time out to self nurture, create a sleep sanctuary in your own room with your own space, connect with others yet withdraw to have your own restful time out and create your own ‘solo’ holiday by design, is seriously empowering.
  2. The Blissful Yoga Package
    As far as we’re aware, there are no yoga retreats in Bali that give you three, one-on-one, 1 hour personal yoga sessions AND a schedule of unlimited yoga classes.
    Guests choose when, where and who to do yoga with … and enjoy a 90 minute massage everyday to help give back to the body, mind and soul in the most beautiful nurturing way
  3. CrossFITness Bliss Experience
    Exercise was the stand out way that those surveyed combat and manages stress, with most of us not having the time to work in a ‘work out’. So Bliss have introduced the CrossFITness Bliss Experience. CrossFit is whipping the world into shape, so why not sweat in beautiful Bali and then retreat to the serenity of beautiful Sanctuary.
    This package offers an unlimited pass to CrossFIT plus three conditioning or PT sessions; together with yoga and daily 90 minute massages for a ying and yang balance of strength fitness training.

“This isn’t a detox retreat – there’s no immovable schedule of planned activities, places you need to be at everyday, or specific foods you have to eat. If your idea of Bliss is cocktails and chocolates, wonderful. If it’s a nutritious menu of fresh organic produce, our meals are deliciously renowned.” says Zoë.

The accommodation is central to the Bliss Sanctuary for Women experience. All of the villas offer guests a unique Balinese experience with every modern comfort including spacious air-conditioned rooms with oversized beds, sparkling pools, serene spaces to meditate and daily massages. Meals are cooked Indonesian-style within the villa and there are personal drivers to transport guests to and from the airport, take them shopping, or to Bali’s cultural hubs like Ubud.

Bliss guests feel a renewed sense of confidence, a new sense of empowerment and a clear fresh perspective on life after their stay.

Sounds like pure ‘Bliss’. Follow YOUR Bliss.

Make 2014 the year of ‘you’, create some balance in your life and experience ‘Bliss’ for yourself.


Zoë Watson is available for interview.
She resides between Bali and Adelaide.
Zoë was a media and marketing executive in Adelaide and Sydney.
She is now the owner of Bliss Sanctuary For Women in Bali, head office in Hong Kong


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