Women Blissfully Travelling Solo

Posted on Jan 24, 2013

Women Blissfully Travelling Solo

It’s official. 2013 is shaping to be ‘The Year of Women Travelling Solo’ with statistics proving that this trend is flying sky high.

According to the ‘2012 Female Travel & Lifestyle Report’ conducted by lastminute.com.au, nearly 50% of Australian women have taken a holiday on their own, with almost two-thirds of those travelling overseas in 2012. From the remaining 50% surveyed, a quarter of the women were excited at the prospect of travelling alone but were too scared to do so, while the other quarter thought it would be lonely and depressing.

Australian Businesswoman, Zoë Watson, well understands the pros and cons of travelling alone. After a serious car accident, Zoë took a much needed break from her demanding career and the modern day rat-race and booked (what would become) a life-changing ticket to Bali.

“Travelling alone was rewarding yet there were times when I felt a little isolated and self conscious sightseeing and eating alone, so I’d often stay by the pool and order room service rather than venture out. I also wanted to be able to relax and let go on my holiday but having to constantly organise everything yourself – transport to where you wanted to go, who’d mind your bags for you, finding the best and safest places to visit, shop and eat – it became exhausting and often felt like a chore”.

Zoë soon realised that this was a common experience shared with many females travelling alone and so decided to do something for her ‘sisters’.

Less than a year after her trip, she was packing up her home and career in Adelaide and Sydney to return to Bali to launch Bliss Sanctuary for Women, a uniquely blissful experience where guests (women only – no kids and no men) create their own ideal break by either choosing one of the many Bliss Packages on offer or personally designing their own with the help of the Bliss-team. There are personal drivers to transport guests to and from the airport, take them shopping, to the cultural sights or to chosen cooking, surfing or yoga classes.

Woman - Bliss MassageLess than 10 guests stay at the Sanctuary at the one time and they come from all walks of life. Some needing to recharge, reconnect, revive and restore. Others simply wanting a passport to some “me” time. It’s pure Bliss.

BLISS BIT: An ‘American Express Travel Agent Poll’ revealed that 82% of women never check in with the office while on a girls-getaway.

According to gutsytraveler.com “women – young, old, single, married or widowed are fuelling an explosive growth in the travel industry” and they are packing some pretty impressive stats:

  • 67 million females travelled alone or with a female companion in 2012
  • 84% of women travelling alone are between 31 – 55
  • The average adventure traveller is now a 47-year old female and is a size 12
  • Women will spend $125 billion on travel in 2013
  • Women-only travel companies have increased by 230% in the past 6 years

And while the ‘women travelling solo’ trend may have started with business travel, The National Association for Women Business Owners revealed that 92% of women now travel for pleasure with many extending business trips with a week of leisure at the end.

These statistics are also in line with some of Bliss Sanctuary For Women’s own 2011/12 research, particularly focussing on women 45+ years:

  • 53% of women were over 45 years of age.
  • 73% of women travelled for relaxation purposes.
  • 55% of women travelled alone even with Menopausal symptoms such as depression, low self esteem, anxiety, stress, poor health, weight gain, exhaustion and fatigue.

So why is this trend flying high?

  • More ‘professional’ women with increased financial assets
  • Women travel differently to men with 87% going for beautiful scenery compared to only 72% men
  • Baby boomers now reaching retirement and financially independent
  • “Girls weekends” have upscaled to longer, more active and luxurious vacations

In their own words:

  • Women have reported feeling more appreciated by their partners and family when they returned from their holiday
  • Women feel liberated, brave and alive when travelling alone
  • Can sightsee, relax and eat wherever, whenever and whatever they want without subscribing to anyone else’s like, dislikes, schedules or agendas
  • Don’t have to look after partners or children while on holiday

Bliss Sanctuary for Women is the perfect getaway for all women travellers and now is the perfect time to start planning that mid-year pre-burnout escape, a mother’s day treat for you and your mum, or some blissful time out with the girls.

Pricing and booking information is available at www.blisssanctuaryforwomen.com


Zoë Watson was a media and marketing executive in Adelaide and Sydney and moved to Bali two years ago.

She is now the owner of Bliss Sanctuary For Women. Currently operating in Bali, with plans to also open in Spain and Greece in 2013, Zoë is available for interview.

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