Blog 22: Happiness Seachange

Posted on Dec 4, 2012


Bali is so beautiful this morning. I’m up early which is so unusual for me, it’s definitely the 3 hour difference I came from being back in Sydney. So I thought I’d hop back in bed to nurse my tired aching body and write something to make me smile.

The sun is shining, Alit will be here soon, I can’t wait to eat her yummy poached eggs … that taste better than and don’t cost $18AUD like the ones from The Hilton Room Service! And I can’t wait to taste the yummy mixed tropical juice that I have missed having each morning.

it’s so nice and quiet after a few weeks of trucks outside my villa bringing in landfill next door. (NB I live in my own villa, not the Bliss villa).

Bruce the dog is so gorgeous with lots of fur baby kisses for his mum who came back.

Life is great and the whirlwind of the past media frenzy and huge work week are now put aside back to the pace of life I have designed for myself… so busy yet so peaceful. That actually sums up Bali herself perfectly.

In the constant evolvement of Bliss Sanctuary For Women I am constantly creating and this is truly my happy place. I honestly believe that it’s only in ‘creating’ that we are living up to our full potential as a human being.

We create opportunities, relationships, art, experiences,… we actually create our life through every choice we make. Attitude has a huge bearing on our creative abilities as it either encourages or undermines our self esteem to make the best decisions.

The freedom of choice is such a gift for human beings. It overrides instinct which is how animals function. And even when confined by circumstances we still have the choice of what to think about and how to think about things and to choose the small things. We always have a choice. We can choose to be happy and own our stuff or be unhappy by giving our power away and believing we don’t have choices.

I must admit the past week was very hard on me physically, the long days, the constant focus, attention and rush of activity. I struggled through a constant headache turning into a migraine back to a constant headache, yet I didn’t let it hinder me. I chose to accept it and manage my time and energy the best I could.

Morning Show ScreenshotToday I saw a screen shot a friend had sent to me on fb that they had taken from the TV and it struck me how happy I looked, in every way. I didn’t see the squinting eyes, I didn’t see the puffiness of a migraine coming on, I didn’t see the nerves.

I saw an amazing lady who I would like to be… exuding happiness and confidence and courage and warmth. It hit me that I am living my dream in not only the life I have created but being able to share my creation with the world. Authentic happiness and how to get there.

My life is about creating experiences for women and in that I am creating amazing experiences for myself.

Initially it amazed me that people were so interested in my story and felt it so courageous to move overseas, where I just saw it as a natural progression of me and what I wanted for myself.

And now I get it.
The penny has dropped.

As mankind we often forget we have amazing choices and we can design our life.
It’s not about our circumstances … I have seen many very happy, warm, beautiful, inspiring women who have overcome or are going through the worst adversities.

It’s about our attitude, our willingness to BE happy, not to find happiness. To find something means we don’t have it to begin with, that we are separate from it. We were born with the gift of happiness. By focusing on our choices even the smallest ones and acting on them, being them, we can only be happy. We can be happy at the same time we are sad. We can be happy at the same time we are dying. We can be happy while suffering pain and loss … with adversity the happiness is still there in the background and it is through our choices and attitude that we can either come back to it or get further away.

I choose to smile.
I choose acceptance.
I choose unity.
I choose myself.
I choose to constantly remind myself that happiness is my natural state and anything less will pass.

I choose thankfulness.

I choose to go within and locate the light and let it shine as that reflection of light is the gift of happiness.


Zoe Watson, Bliss Sanctuary For Women Bali – on happiness and life with a seachange


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