Blog 17: We all need a Bliss Sanctuary at some time!

Posted on Sep 7, 2012


Sometimes it’s not so easy being a single woman in your adult life … (or a mother, daughter, grandmother etc I am sure!).

I was so sad to read of the beautiful Charlotte Dawson in Australian media being bullied by extremists on twitter … such a foreign thought to me that people can be so horrible by whatever means of communication.

This is a rather dire example showing the darker side of humanity and another reason why we have created a safe haven such as Bliss Sanctuary For Women. There aren’t too many places to hide and feel safe in this world and it’s sometimes hard to remember we’re responsible for finding our own bliss. We go through the ups and downs as we are meant to and I am so proud to be the founder of something that provides a safe place for women to feel nurtured and cared for away from the sometimes harshness of everyday life.

Everyone is equal in our eyes, married, single, sick, well, mothers, no children, whatever lifestyle choices. All our lives are valid and important and we all touch somebody in a positive way and help ourselves and others around us grow.

I feel so sad that some people have so much bitter hatred and self loathing in their hearts to act this way towards others and to bully anybody. I feel so sad that someone like Charlotte has been so horribly affected by this. (NB: Charlotte later took her own life due to mental health issues)

I do know we’ve made the world just a teeny tiny bit better by creating somewhere especially for women, especially to care for themselves and meet their own needs. After all we all deserve to follow our bliss.

Much Love Zoe x

RIP Charlotte Dawson 2014

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