Blog 9: The In-Between Times

Posted on Mar 27, 2012


The In between times:

I always find the hardest times in life for me are the ‘in between’ times.

While the villa is half done.
In a relationship where you’re not quite sure.
Work is plodding along but not powering.
Friendships are feeling a bit blah and not connecting fully.
Recovering from illness.
Always tired.
The end of winter.

The low energy times in life.

It’s these times where I know personally I need to rally up the enthusiasm to ‘act’ as only action gets things done, helps self esteem and happiness.

But this action doesn’t need to be running a marathon or jumping out of a plane or finding a new job or causing arguments with your partner.
These actions can be ‘quiet’ time actions.

Meditating, catching up on sleep, calling your friends rather than catching up with them. Buying a nice bottle of wine to savour over a nice healthy home cooked meal.

It’s the small things we take for granted that we can find joy in again.
Taking a bath, doing a yoga class instead of a high energy zumba class, sharing a hearty meal, eating chocolate ☺

It’s at these times I turn the TV off at night and read a couple of pages of an inspiring, uplifting book. I may fall asleep after a few pages, but it’s better than mindlessly watching the box for hours when I actually need sleep.

It’s at these times that I go for a swim in the pool … a slow swim… rather than an intense walk or gym session.

It’s at these times I look for ‘chicken soup for the soul’ so to speak. I call my friends who are the kindest and let others know I will get back to them a little later.

Really it is about kindness to ourselves at these low energy times.

We all have them. It’s part of the cycle. The weather does the same thing.
Our body, hearts and soul need rejuvenation.

A friend of mine used to take a doona day off work. And she rarely got sick.

Keep the dog inside and have lots of cuddles instead of a big long walk.

Flick through a magazine and actually read the articles of interest.

Make a cup of tea instead of guzzling down coffees to keep you awake.

Make or buy a fresh juice instead of a soft drink.

Whatever it is that helps you be kind to yourself, whatever it is that you love … do it at these low energy times.

In nature animals hibernate, birds fly away for the winter, and many go underground and wait for the sun.
As humans we rarely allow ourselves to do this.

Even the weekends have big long lists of things to do attached to them. Shopping, So many celebrations we need to attend when we need to celebrate ourselves and our need for rest. It all gets a bit much really!

When do we take the time to recuperate and put our needs first?
So when you can … do!

It will be magical.

We all need to recuperate and give ourselves permission to just sit. Even if its when the kids go for a walk with your other half or go to a friends house.

The whole philosophy of being in the present moment lends itself to this.

Don’t do things just because they are on a list. Feel in your heart what you need / want to do and do it.

It can’t be wrong.
What part does guilt have to play here? Don’t let it in!
Take the ‘shoulds’ out of the vocabulary.

And just be …

A deep breath can do wondrous things.