Overworked? Stressed? Overloaded?

Posted on Feb 21, 2012

21 February 2012

Make rejuvenation number one on your vacation agenda at Bali’s Bliss Sanctuary for Women

The majority of women never actually reach a state of ‘deep rest’ while on holiday and return home feeling like they need a holiday to get over their most recent break.

At Bliss Sanctuary for Women, achieving ‘deep rest’ and true rejuvenation is number one on the vacation agenda; combining massages, yoga classes, spa treatments, meditation and literally doing nothing in some cases, all in the most relaxing Balinese boutique villa environment.

Bliss Sanctuary for Women founder and Australian Business Woman, Zoë Watson says, “typically when people visit the island of Bali they jam-pack their schedules with activities every day and forget to relax. At Bliss, we know that women taking more time to relax are less likely to experience burnout, and the benefits of resting can make you more creative and productive than your overworked, under-rested counterparts.”

“Women need to take a break for themselves to refuel and enhance their well-being, we pride ourselves on there being no schedules and no couples or kids, so women can holiday in peace and at their own pace,” says Zoë.

Escapes that include plenty of free time are known to bring overall stress relief, but also can have a longer term influence once going home with fewer stressful days for up to five weeks.

In a culture of time-poor and stressed women who never put themselves first, Bliss Sanctuary for Women has responded to the demand for an accommodation experience that provides unrivalled service, guilt-free indulgence, and a perfect haven, free from men, kids and routine, to recharge the batteries Balinese style.

At Bliss, the team is dedicated to creating a relaxing environment both physically and spiritually for the guests. By living in Bali the staff are also able to recommend healing experiences including ‘Sami’ who is an amazing Balinese healer. He specialises in deep tissue massages including unique spiritual healing based on bringing all of the elements of body mind and soul together to create an inner bliss.

Sami facilitates deep rest for guests through body work, and helps individuals come to know what lifestyle factors affect their body and internal workings. This also connects with emotions, and one’s ability to function on all levels. Sami helps guests clear the body and mind, making meditation easier for everyone from beginners to the more experienced.

The women’s only sanctuary is located in breathtaking Canggu, near Seminyak, and features our specialist boutique villas boasting every modern comfort including spacious air-conditioned rooms with oversized beds, sparkling pool and serene spaces to meditate and have daily massages. Bliss has now been open almost a year with many repeat visitors, proving that the ‘women’s only sanctuary is a winning formula for busy women all around the world.

Top five tips for achieving deep rest:

  1. Try meditation – meditation gives you a greater sense of rest than sleeping alone.
  2. Sprinkle Lavender oil on your sheets or underneath your pillow, this scent is proven to enhance relaxation and restful sleep.
  3. Create a sleep sanctuary – make sure your bedroom is full of positive energy from the books you read, to calming essential oils and fill it with things you love that help you feel nurtured and safe – or simply stay at bliss.
  4. Keep a 3am notepad on your bedside table so if you do have thoughts running through your mind you can offload them quickly and easily and continue sleeping.
  5. Give yourself permission to rest, listen to your thoughts that often berate you and remind yourself that only by giving to yourself can you truly give to others.



Notes to the editor:

  • Bliss Sanctuary for Women is a womens’ only sanctuary.
  • Founder Zoë Watson is originally from Australia and oversees the Sanctuary based in Bali.
  • Prices for a one week stay at Bliss Sanctuary for Women start at $1,750 plus taxes, and includes daily massages, spa treatments, breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus airport transfers. All rooms have their own bathroom and Bali Bliss toiletries.

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