Bali Bliss Proves Big Business For Zoe Watson

Posted on Oct 24, 2011

24 October 2011

Bali Bliss Proves Big Business For Zoë Watson

Australian entrepreneur Zoë Watson’s new Bali-based business – Bliss Sanctuary for Women – has struck a chord with women from all corners of the globe, with bookings streaming in across her opening months.

Launched in May this year Bliss Sanctuary for Women is a Bali-first; catering specifically for women looking to recharge their batteries with a tailor-made experience – staying in hand-picked boutique villas, exploring local sights at leisure, and indulging in sumptuous food and personal pampering.

By June, Bliss Sanctuary for Women was over 50 percent full, then 95 percent full in July and August, and Zoë says the future looks just as bright.

“We’re receiving bookings well into 2012 which is wonderful because it means what I’ve worked so hard to create with Bliss Sanctuary for Women is really resonating with women all round the world,” says Zoë.

Bliss Sanctuary for Women is located primarily around Seminyak and only minutes from the beach. Its clientele is diverse and includes professionals, mums, and women juggling the stresses of both roles.

Zoë was herself a busy professional when the idea to develop the business came to her. For more than 15 years, before launching Bliss Sanctuary for Women, she worked in various capital cities throughout Australia in a range of significant roles within the marketing and media fields.

The entrepreneurial bug first bit when Zoë was just 21. Landing a job as Adelaide’s first mainstream ‘door hostess’ for a well-known nightclub, she leveraged her experience to establish her own successful ‘door hostess’ training business. Her creative talents then saw her succeed in marketing and promotions roles in the hospitality, press and radio industries; including stints at Nova 919 Adelaide, Nova 969 Sydney, and 2GB in Sydney. She also opened the sales office for the Australian Traffic Network (ATN) in Adelaide, after running her marketing consultancy for two and a half years.

Like many busy professional women, Zoë reached a point where she felt completely burnt out and headed to Bali on her own to take a break.

“I just wanted to soak up some sunshine, gear down and at least get myself back to a neutral position!”

“I had an amazing experience in this beautiful country, but it would have been even better if I’d had someone on the ground that could relate to where my head was at and create a hassle-free stay that met all my needs. Speaking to other women there and on my return, I discovered I wasn’t the only one seeking this type of experience,” says Zoë.

Being a natural entrepreneur, Zoë used subsequent visits to Bali to design a dream holiday experience for women travelling on their own or with friends. With no couples, no kids and only a handful of guests at any one time, Bliss Sanctuary for Women is a haven for those seeking ‘time-out’ from the everyday and a supportive space to refuel, rejuvenate, and reflect.

Guests design their own holiday in consultation with Zoë, and the Bliss team then arranges all the details. Whether women want to detox, kick start a healthy eating and exercise regime, or simply ‘stop the world from turning’ with a professional yoga or meditation program, the Bliss experience is exactly what it needs to be.

“I’m thrilled with how well the Bliss experience is being received by women from all walks of life and all corners of the globe.”

“It heartens me to know I’m helping other women find that space in their lives where they can indulge themselves guilt-free and return to their lives feeling refreshed, enlightened and energised,” says Zoë.


Note to Editors:

Zoë Watson will be returning to Australia 15 December 2011 – January 13 2012, and will be available for media interviews during her time here. Zoë welcomes opportunities to meet with media and discuss Bliss Sanctuary for Women or relay her views and personal experiences about current events in Bali.

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