Zoë Watson Finds Her Bliss

Posted on Sep 14, 2011

14 September 2011

Zoë Watson Finds Her Bliss

Entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder, Zoë Watson is a successful business woman who has drawn on her own life experiences to create a women’s only boutique villa accommodation – Bliss Sanctuary for Women.

Zoë has worked in the national marketing and media industries for over 15 years and has earned a well- respected name in these paralleled fields.

Gaining invaluable marketing and media knowledge along the way, Zoë’s desire to do something creative and enjoyable, where results are measurable and success achieved, has landed her creative jobs throughout her career thus far. From working in promotions for Bacardi Limon to sales and marketing at Rip It Up Publishing street press magazines, Zoë has also held various marketing roles within small to medium hotel groups, including Liquor Retail Group Liquorsmart (now Thirsty Camel). Additionally, Zoë has worked as a sales executive at Nova 919 Adelaide, Nova 969 Sydney, and 2GB in Sydney, along with opening the sales office for the Australian Traffic Network (ATN) in Adelaide, after running her own marketing consultancy for two and a half years.

Zoë commenced her entrepreneurial activities at the age of 21 when she was the first mainstream ‘door hostess’ in Adelaide for the well known Planet Nightclub. She then worked at renowned bars and clubs throughout Adelaide and started her own ‘door hostess’ training business – setting up a successful strategy of how to run this new venture for over 10 years.

Like many busy businesswomen, Zoë admits to suffering from anxiety and insomnia at times, “Anxiety is quite common among women and I struggled for a long time with this, deciding one day that I really did need a break to get away, recharge, revitalize, and rejuvenate, and headed to Australia’s favourite holiday destination – Bali!”

It was during one of these trips that Zoë first came up with the idea to develop a women’s only sanctuary.

“You may say it was somewhat like an ‘Eat Pray Love’ inspiration. Choosing to travel on my own, I initially wasn’t aware of how I would find and experience Bali going solo – where to dine, eat, and sight see. Being a natural entrepreneur and someone who loves to be constantly busy and challenged, I used my subsequent visits to Bali to design a dream holiday experience for women travelling on their own, with friends, or for women just wanting time out.”

“Bliss Sanctuary for Women was therefore developed based somewhat on my own and other women’s experiences and research. The only rule I have to ensure a comforting, relaxing, and safe environment is: no couples, no men, no children and only a handful of women at any one time,” says Zoë.

Located in Bali, near Seminyak, Bliss Sanctuary is designed specifically to cater for women wanting a relaxing and rejuvenating break. It is the first of its kind – a bespoke sanctuary that allows guests to design their own holiday experience. It’s not a retreat with activities planned every day, deadlines to meet, and food monitoring, but a sanctuary in the true sense of the word where each visitor can indulge in food, pampering, local travel experiences and the true essence of Bali, allowing them to find their own bliss.

Bliss Sanctuary for Women opened its doors to their first guest May 1 2011. Despite being a brand new business and one of its kind, by June that year Bliss Sanctuary for Women was over 50 percent full, and then 95 percent full in July and August, with bookings in the system well in to 2012.

Zoë is learning that her clientele are from all facets of life but all with the same underlying requirements; they are busy, stressed, overworked, overloaded, and just want a very easy to manage, very easy to organize, relaxing, and safe stay.

“I really believe that one of the key elements to Bliss Sanctuary for Women is that we arrange everything for our guests from the moment they call us to say I want to stay. That’s why we keep our numbers to a minimum, to ensure they are completely catered to, and looked after,” says Zoë.



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