Blog 4: A particle of Purpose:

Posted on Sep 24, 2011


Today I watched in awe as a tiny ant scurried past quickly holding above it something white and huge, in comparison to the ant. Approximately 4 times its size!
I couldn’t help but be impressed and then I started to watch…

As it hurried along with seeming ease I wondered what this huge burden felt like?
Was the ant proud and fulfilling his life purpose so happy to have the strength to carry such a large particle of white.

And what on earth was he going to do with it?
It didn’t look like food.
He looked lost.

As I watched he scurried ahead, and then to the side and then back ahead and then to the other side and then backwards and then ahead again.

I wondered what his purpose was and it occurred to me that maybe he couldn’t find his way without a long line of other ants to follow.

His choice to pick up this large particle seemed to give him hope, it seemed he was trying to make his way back to the nest where surely he would be well rewarded for such an amazing feat of strength.

But the nest is usually underground along small tunnels that would never allow something this size.

I started to think…

Does the mere magnanimity of such a burden show that we are strong? Maybe.
But what purpose does it serve?

So a huge burden without a purpose is just that, a huge burden.

Purpose is to help in the creation of something for the larger collective.
Carrying something massive to help in a bigger way seems deserving of praise.
But it makes it much easier to lose our direction.

How often do we start out doing something to help fulfill our purpose, and then lose our way when it becomes too heavy?

Maybe there’s something to be said for all the small contributions we make in our life. Collectively as a family, as a group, a society, humanity. We all contribute and make a difference even through the mundane acts that we do to help those around us.

From a kind word, a cooked meal, a cuddle, a job well done, a paycheck well spent, a sporting accolade, an artistic expression… we are all contributing to the collective.

When we let our intentions become burdens, maybe we need to put that particle down and find our way again?

Without purpose we are alone.

With purpose comes the freedom of the mundane.

As long as our life is filled with smiles, we are making a difference, we are contributing, we have purpose.

An honest smile…